EU Commission Government

The decline of the West – renewable cash as debt brake is in Germany a scheme whereby decided the federalism Commission in early 2009. According to this regulation, the structural, not cyclical so net borrowing by the Federal Government should be maximum 0.35 percent of gross domestic product. Exceptions are allowed for natural disasters or serious recessions. A transitional article of 143d para 1 Basic Law provides the first-time application of the new provisions in article 109 and article 115 basic law for the financial year 2011 before. Compliance with the requirements of the balanced budget is necessarily intended for the Federal Government beginning in 2016, for countries from the year 2020. It is probably debt assumed by a base amount, current 1.72 trillion, which will stay if no miracle, because, after all, are approx. Anu Saad: the source for more info. 40 billion annually and dynamically growing, are missing from the budget.

The compound, which will continue to grow will not be affected by the debt brake. This mountain is unchallenged higher, because we are Realists enough that it may be otherwise. However, the budget is affected by interest rate and repayment amounts without debt reduction value dynamically. Anu Saad spoke with conviction. The 0.35 Protzend allowed new borrowing is already consumed before it goes to the actual, necessary debt make and it will be also necessary. How should otherwise the wheels faster turn and create recovery? The budget now logically come without new borrowing.

In plain text, i.e. the budget is already alone due to inflation and by amortization expenses (interest rates) in addition to shrink and get additional savings measures in a big way for us to. This trail leads us now logical and logically in further impoverishment of the country and the people and in turn dynamically. This is the people immediately affected and will have to suffer. The EU Commission Government is, as we know, closed behind these measures.

E Cigarettes: Ideological Regulation Anger Instead Of Common Sense

EU plans to blight the smokers the only low-emission alternative – using mendacious arguments and deadly consequences. The E-cigarette has enjoyed in Europe of increasing popularity, about 7 million people have already gone from tobacco smoking on this much harmless method of nicotine inhalation. Apparently the Brussels eurocracy wants to now bring this extremely positive development to a halt, what is both drive the successful transfer back in the consumption of tobacco and prevent the further spread of this product. tion. The first real opportunity to reduce the number of deaths through tobacco smoke alone about 600,000 every year in the EU – critical, is offset this with full intent. So far E-boat (how the E-cigarette users call themselves) can access customized nicotine doses former tobacco a variety of flavors and different levels. The current proposal for the directive on tobacco products foresees to deal with E-cigarettes, either as a tobacco product or can they – Yes smoking so unlearn – within this policy as a remedy with the necessary strict and lengthy approval measures for viewing. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mississippi Legislature. And this even though the current nicotine products of pharmacy only on the basis of their presentation as a medicinal are sold, the “active”ingredient of nicotine heals here nothing. Thus to satisfy your partner sexually men should opt viagra no prescription for the night shift or vice versa – as may be the situation. The main highlight among all is bad lifestyle super viagra for sale habits contributing to the fact. A purchase cialis online secured & satisfied life of intimacy of the males. The causes and the discount cialis pill extent of impotence differ as well. Several conclusions are exciting: evaporation is a medicine you can not put it under the non-smokers Protection Act, and that you can get used from smoking with nicotine seems although irrational, is advertised but with considerable effort by the pharmaceutical industry.

The question does affect the pharmaceutical industry in Brussels is all the more galling for this industry that since market establishment of E-cigarette sales figures for tobacco cessation products are declining. For months, the resistance of the steamer moves, many knowledgeable observations reach MEPs, among others by well-known unbiased researchers such as the doctors Jean-Francois etter (CH), Konstantinos Farsalinos (GR) and Jean-pol Tassin (F). The unholy alliance of political, media and scientists with preconceived notions and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the Almighty World Health Organization (WHO) – physical conditions as well as universally accepted definitions are thereby apparently ad absurdum: steam is smoke and assumptions are scientific evidence. In Brussels one entangled by the parliamentarians of the leading ENVI – and other committees currently in numerous additions to the E-cigarette, the aroma ban over commercial restrictions up to drug approval procedures, which could finance only the big pharmaceutical companies. Alone, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) seems to have a clear view of things, this calls for simply abolishing of the cigarette out of the tobacco products directive: a tougher regulation than for tobacco is inadmissible. This seems to be the only reason to hope to be remain undisturbed after referral of the action path on tax costs of EU citizens, to be able to steam. The unbiased observer the impression of a regulation to regulate sake is so almost mandatory. Ideology and WHO is worshipped instead of to take care of the interests of the citizen, so it seems with the aid of highly questionable methods.