Faster And Cheaper

Cable providers launch in August new actions surf more and more people prefer using cable rather than via DSL. This form of Internet access is convenient and the usable bandwidth are even faster than VDSL. The consumer portal introduces some current promotions of the large cable providers. Apparently decreases in the popularity of DSL, have detected many cable providers and take advantage of for themselves. So customers receive up to 32 MBit/s as well as Internet and telephone Flatrate cable Germany, for example, with the rate of Internet & telephone 32 for just over 20 euros of phone and Internet connection with speeds for unlimited surfing and calls to German landlines. After twelve months, the monthly rate increases to approximately 30 euros. The tariff of Internet & telephone 6 adds a telephone line in addition to an Internet connection with up to 6 MBit/s with Internet Flatrate for around 13 euros or 20 euros in the first year of the contract. Surfers in Baden-Wurttemberg benefit from price advantages and allowances of up to 160 euro until late August at Kabel BW.

Who the double flat rate CleverKabel starter with 10-MBit/S Internet access online books, pays monthly around 20 euros and receives a bonus of 10 euro. The tariff CleverKabel25 at speeds of up to 25 MBit / s is to have around 30 euros per month. Kabel BW provides an online bonus of 40 euros in addition to a credit of 120 euros here. Unitymedia focuses on Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia with its actions. 3play offers with 32-MBit/s Internet access are available in August for 20 instead of 30. Customers can book TV packages or a HD box surcharge added. Unitymedia rates with a minimum contract period of 12 months. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann