As important as the project is the work.

When talking about improving the energy efficiency of housing, from architecture, to improve their climate performance, definitely need to go beyond thermal change legislation. On my second visit to Temuco, a product of technical assistance undertaken by the team ATB (Technical Assistance Bioclimatic) U of Bio-Bio, to which I belong, I realized that there is far to go yet. The legislation is in force (there is even a manual that aims to facilitate their implementation), architectural projects have been approved by the relevant oragnismos, as they have incorporated the changes that it requires, however, when we go to work, we see that there are still problems. I got to see where the sky insulation (polystyrene, 10 mm) was sectioned into multiple fragments to be introduced … which diminishes all effectiveness. As important as the project is the work. That is what our advice, to see how, in the first instance it is possible to optimize current processes, both design and construction.