If you are in the process to get a new product to the market surely you’re making everything gently to not let nothing and have everything perfect to make your product a success. If you have already designed the logo for your product the next step is that you design, or send to design the label. Design labels is something that many small entrepreneurs overlook and believe it or not is one of the keys to the failure of SMEs. The labelling of products is very important because it is what will give life to your container, bottle, bag or any or any type of container that you need for your product. Your labeling must be designed thinking of your client, the design must be extremely attractive, is not the same view a tag with the name of a product, to see a label with the name of the product but that also catches your attention their design, their colors or shapes that come on the label. Labelling machines you can get them in the main cities of the country, but if you need a very good design and a machine of tagging is easy to handle and that is above all economic, I recommend you seek the factories of this type of machinery found in Monterrey..