Small Businesses

Within the Mexican province, there are thousands of small businesses that need to advertise, but for its size, or rather by their income, do not make it as they wish and sometimes people fall into the hands of non-professional or novices. Through my nearly 15 years in the media, I realized the true charlatans of the media, especially radio, which entrepreneurs to advertise on your station and carts also called paging loudspeakers, but do not give the necessary advice only want their Commissions, so it is important, besides having a pleasant voice, which is the least we can offer, look for a voice and impact as a voice of impact, here are some tips to improve your advertising hearing, that station, the listen to their customers, for example if you sell teen clothing, the youth music station which has prepared a script with a beginning appealing than if you put effects may be more of a voice that make it a jingle (the song of your business) preferred not to do the station. In a question-answer forum City College of New York was the first to reply.

Look for an independent study of the spot 20 seconds to radio is ideal, and that is say the name of your business 2 times and once your address, not phone unless it is very necessary, ie you sell with delivery service and you have people who can answer phone for paging can be up to 1 minute and 20 seconds each state your name and address, that is 3 times seek professional voices, impact, professional voices, which recorded for television, but are economic, there are speakers Mexican very good and they are not as expensive as the famous, but they are economical and fit as or budget, there are many studies and internet broadcasters, who can help change your spot like every month and according to the season I hope this will help you get better results, used the hearing advertising is cheaper, faster and effective admired, imitated, than .. . Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is full of insight into the issues.