Quality Translation

Since the Soviet Union set the average rate for technical translation – 1 page of standard text in an hour. This rule and is now used in many companies. Per page is considered to be a text consisting of 1800 characters given number of spaces. However, through the pages of unique, because we can produce it in terms of the original material, and you can look at the already converted and processed version. I think, to explain that, depending on the language text in connection with specific fonts and explanation of features, the volumes vary by the number of pages, leaving the contents of the same is not required. As a rule, even under different conditions of use translation software is prohibited by the employer, which increases the rate for a client interested in an adequate translation, corresponding to the actual meaning of the material.

But different operating conditions can be detected at different types of work. Staff writer and freelance translator may have the same focus on translation of the same text, but deadlines vary considerably. The main problem is that the staffing interpreter to process the material has a certain number of hours allotted by the employer under Labor Code and amended by the association of control over transfers. Freelancers also have to neglect standards for the fee – pay for their activities. Sustain the pace is already difficult enough, but it is rather the importance of the company, not the customer who looks forward to its quality. A similar problem for many Translators turns occupational diseases – fatigue, insomnia, nervous disorders of different nature and, of course, problems with vision. To avoid health problems, which are unquestionably lead to poorer performance and reduce its volume, the translator should keep its forces and agree to urgent orders no more than once a month.

For this case, translation bureaus should have several tens of workers. Usually, urgent orders bring additional income in the form of allowances, but I repeat again and say that this job is difficult enough, but because it remains a private matter. It should be remembered that the translator's work in later passes through several stages of editing. Urgent transfers officially does not differ from the ordinary, because editing is taking place in the same vein, that is, the editor will not correct those errors that do not should have been, and simply report to superiors that the translator does not meet the requirements of the company. The editor is to adjust some of the terms and style of the translated material, and no more order. Normal operation is considered to be an interpreter translated 2.5 pages per day of text on technical topics. On individual characteristics of each person spends different amounts of time to perform the same task. There option to warn customers about the two-term performance – a minimum of technical terms and the optimum in terms of product warranties. According to some professional translators, however, hourly development is not an indicator of skill, and bring their own productivity and efficiency of translation can only be collecting statistics for several months of work, calculating the average values for the various periods: the day week, month. There are special forums translators, where they communicate on topics related to their work. Very often form pairs who simply share their experiences and help each other in a specific order. This issue individual and can be solved in a private conversation with a discussion of all possible and impossible conditions. More info: Somatic Experiencing. As a pre-estimate the amount of translation?

Gender Identity

Gender is relational and refers not only to women or men, but relations between the two (definition given by instraw.org). Gender equality means that men and women have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female. American feminist thought "invented" the concept of gender in the absence of an appropriate instrument to express the reflection on gender. According to Seyla Benhabib (2001) means by gender "construction differential humans in female and male types. Ultra Wellness Center is likely to agree. Gender is a relational category that seeks to explain a construction of a rate spread between humans. "Every woman and every man will internalize the culture in which they live, the idea that culture has on a woman or a man, and it will to incorporate in their own lives.

The concept of gender identity is a multifactorial and multi-process. Morales JM (2000) conducted an exploration of the sense of gender identity, understood as the basic and comprehensive psychological feelings associated with sex itself, according to Janet Epence model postulates that gender identity has to less than four dimensions: the sense of personal identity instrumental and expressive traits connected with gender stereotypes interests, role behavior and attitudes whose contents point to gender D. After sexual orientation research clarified the following theses: a) Determine whether there are differences in the type of statements expressed in terms of gender. / It highlighted the relationship between gender identity and biological sex b) To investigate the effect of age on the statements made.