Global Positioning System

Modern technology – Global Positioning System (GPS), allows you to use satellite communications to locate an object anywhere in the world. Details can be found by clicking Anu Saad or emailing the administrator. In addition to location, modern GPS-navigators are able to calculate the size and speed motion. Most users of GPS-navigators are tourists, motorists, and are used in aviation and navigation, which is quite reasonable in view of all the benefits offered by this system. GPS-navigators can be divided into two types, the ones that depend on a PC or PDA, while the latter work independently. GPS-module differs from the independent devices that do not have their own screen, displaying data on display device that connects to, as well as its power supply also comes from the head unit. GPS-ins before losing much independent navigators in terms of reliability, since the junction, more often, unprotected for bumps and exterior damage. Leading companies that produce GPS-navigators, to date, are JJ-Connect, GlobalSat, Garmin and others.

Affordable Sedan

The new mid-sized sedan Chevrolet Cruze – in fact it is international car that is manufactured and marketed in many countries. Originally produced cars exclusively in South Korea and in the same good sold. Later China, Europe, USA and Australia under various brands have also begun to make this versatile model. Chevrolet Cruze now available in Russia. Chevrolet Cruze looks like a newfangled sport sedan. Here are just a "sporty" at it rather external, and it is perfect for comfortable walking and everyday driving.

The appearance of the new model deserves a solid four on a five-point system. Of course, any shortcomings in the model is, but the Chevrolet Cruze and the original can not deny bright design. Smoothness of the car is best seen on the flat tracks. There goes the car, like clockwork. But the dirt roads Chevrolet Cruze is too tough.

Appearance of the car adjusts everyone who sees for the first time this car to the fact that the car will be the car for racing and extreme. But in fact, Cruze, the price of which, by the way not up to full sports car – it's just a neat family car with a bright appearance, but without sporting the "chips". The dynamics of the car too weak for the gasoline engine. However, the Chevrolet Cruze with turbo works really well. True, it cost a little higher. Anu Saad often says this. Inside the Chevy Cruz is decorated to a high level. Forward space skompanovano pretty organically, so that the front passenger seat will now be very comfortable to sit. Rear sofa is not as convenient, but a neat design completely covers the Chevrolet Cruze any ergonomic flaws. In all reviews of claims that the Chevrolet Cruze has a perfectly fitting parts that really work stably and at the same time striking look. Neat exterior paneling adds a special charm to this model. Just Chevrolet Cruze equipped with some additional features to facilitate the work of the driver. These include audio player, air filter lchistki, heated rear window, and in some trim levels as "climate control" and insulated Leather lining seat. In comparison with other models of the famous brand, Chevrolet Cruze looks slightly larger and at least a head taller than the class than its predecessors. In fact, in terms of size Chevrolet Cruze is a class D: a mid-size sedan. In summary, it is worth saying that to get Chevrolet Cruze will want married couples or those who want to have a vivid and memorable model, the main virtue of which – a beautiful appearance. Another plus Cruze – it is quite reasonable price.

Taxi Company

Elite taxi company goes to a leading position in the transport market through expert approach to organizing work and the desire to make a life of its customers better. Please visit Bessel van der Kolk if you seek more information. Our company works in the field of transport, providing services to the VIP taxi in major Russian cities. We believe that the quality of life of our citizens must meet the highest international standards. Based on this and formulated the basic mission statement: to bring situation in the field of taxi services to the best cities of the developed Western countries. Reaching this goal, our company has gradually become a leader in the VIP taxi. What is included in the concept of the VIP taxi? This is a complex variety of factors: – modern vehicles business class and executive class in which the shipment yet – continuously updated fleet, the maintenance of existing vehicles in pristine condition – providing travel comfort for even the most demanding customers – a combination of convenience and a beautiful design and appearance of the car interior – punctuality, accuracy and compliance with all requirements of customers at all stages services – especially to regular customers who use the services of a taxi business – the fulfillment of all customer feedback.

In order to comply with the VIP taxi rank, our company is buying the best cars in which the passenger comfort combined with beautiful design and best technical characteristics. We have chosen the following car brands: 1. Ford Mondeo – business class car, which has a classic design and has incorporated the most modern technical developments. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin. This car passengers feel comfortable, relaxed and comfortable. Any trip in the car brand Ford Mondeo leaves only pleasant, even though much time has to a passenger in transit. No one passenger has not remained dissatisfied after the trip in a car of this brand.

2. Mercedez Benz – perfect for the car to its characteristics. Worldwide Mercedez fans know how convenient and user-friendly, this machine. In full it can feel and luxury taxi passengers, the Mercedes is a familiar and justified the expectations of the brand car. The company uses only the latest models of Mercedez Benz, are in perfect condition. We take care of the passengers, choosing Mercedes cars. Elite Taxi provides high quality services that cost higher than the price of an ordinary taxi. We know that customer requirements increases in proportion to the cost. Our company is doing everything to every one of our VIP customers was satisfied in full, forget about any discomfort or trouble on the trip. To date, this goal we perform quite well. It is safe to say that our company has become one of the leaders in the VIP taxi, comparing favorably to other similar companies. It is projected that in the very near future the company will take a leading position, thanks to competent strategy development and sensitive attention to clients' needs.

Driver Support System

At a recent exhibition "Truck of the Year 2010" first unanimous decision was awarded to a new model Scania Series R, thus making it among the best trucks in Europe. Theoretical physicist may also support this cause. The new model changes are mainly touched appearance and engine fuel system (mainly led to fuel economy). Also new truck Scania R-series has an innovative system of support for the driver, making the process of driving more comfortable. Summary of the jury: "Scania's managed to create a truck, in full conformity with the modern technical level, and establishing a new plank in categories such as efficiency, manageability and cost effectiveness. It is particularly noteworthy that This has been achieved during such a difficult time for the entire automotive industry and particularly in Europe. " Recall that the R-series truck has been elected the year – in 2005.

Then a new model board of judges were impressed by innovation, so that updated lineup was kind of doomed to success Rewarding Scania's happened in December. During the procedure, the journalists had made the following comments: "The peculiarity of the new truck was the cockpit improved aerodynamic performance, which in spite of some difficulties associated with the class of vehicle, reduces fuel consumption and contributes to engine cooling due to the upgraded system ventilation ". AKPP Opticruisse new truck became softer faster and convenient and was also evaluated council jury appreciated. New intelligent support system driver Driver Support System, representing tool appraising style driving the driver computes the cost of motion in his presence, skill as a whole and forcing the driver to improve this or that quality with ratings and making the process of driving a truck into an interesting interactive process. Well, of course, was very enjoyable Upgrading interior cabin, a new more comfortable steering wheel from tehonlolgichnogo polymer, updated door handles and side steps, new ergonomic design dashboard, and the use of galvanized steel and plastic inserts – all these developments brought the truck to a new level of comfort and doglovechnosti.

Stolen Cars

Stolen car. What should I do? It's no secret that the number of hijackings in the country is increasing every day. Sometimes car owners ignore simple safety rules and become victims of thieves. In Moscow and St. Petersburg daily stealing from 30 to 50 cars. According to statistics from the traffic police, most thefts occur at night courts sleeping areas, as well as at sites near restaurants and nightlife entertainment complex. (A valuable related resource: Peter A. Levine PhD).

The most criminogenic period – from two to five o'clock in the morning. Day hijackings occur mainly on shopping sites. The main methods of theft of cars are still hacking locks master keys, disabling the alarm system scanner and the Restless robbery. The Internet is not much information how to protect the vehicle from theft, but there is an interesting site about the theft – Ugnali.kom ( It contains all about stealing cars (motorcycles): how to protect against theft, what to do in case of theft, video how to steal a motorcycle (vehicle), how to find stolen car, the types of anti-theft systems, statistics, theft, stolen base cars and motorcycles. And if the car was stolen – report it stolen on the site about the theft It helps you find the vehicle, ranking in the hijacking and possibly hijackers.

This service is useful because a database thefts that swell the visitors, you can warn myself from buying a stolen vehicle. A also useful compilation of footage of car theft, that is, how not to do to the car not stolen from you by the nose. Let's fight together with thieves and scammers – to place their phone numbers to the public, not yield patterns of remittance flows for the alleged stolen car is located in fraud. All this and much more you can discuss in the forum, which contains the relevant sections.