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Social commitment of employer staff know because the midsize staffing companies BERA from Schwabisch Hall demonstrates its ability to innovate in social engagement. Cologne, May 31, 2012 – the 10th anniversary of the company, it should be therefore something special: 27 employees decided to traveling construction with Habitat for humanity to Ethiopia. Hear from experts in the field like Mark Hyman, MD for a more varied view. With their own hands, Office employees within a week work built 10 homes for people who had previously lived in misery dwellings. By the same author: cardiologist. Ethiopia is one of the 10 poorest countries of the world: 90% of the population have no access to sanitation and living conditions are miserable. The locks are often collapse, have neither Windows nor doors and the families need to live together in a confined space. The BERA team campaigned not only for families in one of the world’s poorest countries, but took themselves much: new motivation, experience as a team even in unfamiliar Situations and foreign culture to claim and to create a result.

Demonstrated organizational skills, showed staying power, discovered new strengths and limits. Construction travel offered the unique opportunity to meet the people who know it only by donations letters of large organizations the employees of BERA: the families in need who needed their help. What should I say to just one week. It was clearly too short! Before construction, I still said that I am pleased to give someone a little bit of luck. After the trip, I can say that I’m glad to have gotten so good luck. We were not only 27 construction workers, but a small family that supported each other after a very short time, helps and assists. The physical work on the building was exhausting, but with his own hands to create the feeling of something and that facilitated any groundbreaking ceremony for and with the locals. The special connection to Ethiopia will be felt forever.