Space Being

He is pretty when people perceive that the other does not need that people make some thing for it, but yes, that people are somebody for it. That the other does not want nothing beyond the presence, of the love, the affection, the respect, the friendship. Hear other arguments on the topic with Joint Commission . in this pretty thing of being who the other needs, exactly without having nothing to offer (even because the other does not want that let us make, but that let us be), people learn that if she can be more human, more present, more friend The presence of one in the life of the other does not pass for the corporeal properties, for the financial profits, ' ' status' ' social, for the position or position that occupies Far from this The presence, and this never will pass, is cravada in the chest, nailed in the wall of the memory, immortalized in the retina of the soul, marked, deeply, inside of the heart is pretty when people perceive this. It makes people to be better as person, because she could be for another person somebody of value. This is the learning that leaves, the essential of the life. He is not to make for making, but the being to add, to help better growing and giving to condition of the other being somebody, somebody that if it loves inexplicably, but above of any feeling, unconditionally loves, in all the moments of the life. the essential one is this, this feeling that not of the space for rancores, ressentimentos, the egoism, the egocentrismo, the incapacity to receive before wanting everything for itself. This is the essential of the life, to love being love for somebody. .