Lead Education

It is one of the challenges of modern management to manage teams and in a short time to bring maximum benefits. Teams must solve increasingly complex task in organizations. These can work for this extended time together or over and over again sit together in the framework of project tasks at shorter intervals. The team concept is indispensable in today’s organizations, and accordingly often. \”Sometimes one gets the impression that team\” a value in itself is thereby not a specific purpose. Namely the, provide a service that can not be provided by the individual. More information is housed here: Somatic Experiencing.

If you just look at it also a performance that can not be provided by several isolated working people. Apparently here sought a certain quality that only makes possible the success. This quality has something to do with the interaction. Finally, not every composition of people is already a team. In accordance with the definition of Francis and young is a team an active group of people who are committed to common goals, work together harmoniously, have fun at work and bring excellence.\” According to Katzenbach a real team is complementary to a number of people with each other skills, which all apply common goal, according to jointly developed work rules together are responsible for their work.\” Wiendieck highlights the following five common characteristics: small, function-structured work group, with common objectives, intensive reciprocal relations, a strong community spirit and a strong group cohesion among team members.

The listed definitions or specifications formulate a demand for a team so that it can provide excellent services. A team so don’t simply constituted by the composition of people, but is part of the process. In this way of the emergence of it goes through several steps and should do this in the form of reflected, to control the process and to be able to accelerate. This is the task of the head of team, or moderators who take care of the development of teams.