Facts About Ireland

Ireland occupies 2/3 of the homonymous Island, with a total of 5 million people. Many films have the incredible Irish landscapes, with its gully coasts and their fields as scenario always wavy Greens. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gina Ross is the place to go. Ireland has a lot of historic places shows the culture of this people, so different from the English people. In addition, Ireland is positioning itself ever more strongly as a tourist destination for anyone who loves life outdoors, diving, cycling, walking by the overflowing hills of vegetation, or cross them on horseback. Irish cuisine also represents an important tourist attraction, taking two local dishes into sausages, pork and pancetta. But, one of the most representative of Irish culture icons are its amazing bars and pubs, where exquisite local beer, whiskey and spirits run to seas, in a relaxed atmosphere, and where most of the parishioners speak of football, one of the favourite sports of this nation. Rugby is also one of the Irish favorite reports. In short, there is much to see and discover in Ireland, and is for this reason that ever-increasing number of people choose this nation as the perfect place for English courses.

The Irish culture is littered with curious facts and popular legends, which blend in a particular way the pagan and the Christian. To give an idea, the Department of Irish Folklore of the University of Dublin has registered around 100,000 legends and myths of popular roots. The natives receive with arms open to foreigners, which perhaps is one of the most powerful reasons why many people choose to Ireland to study. In addition, is known worldwide the quality of the teaching of the English language, with institutes and universities several times Centennial.