Hermitage City

Company 'SLK-Tour' invites you to come to St. Petersburg and organizes excursions of higher quality. As you know, Peter was the main city in the era of the formation and flourishing of the golden age of the Russian empire, and it's really majestic imperial city. Palaces and fountains, dressed in stone channels and well-groomed parks, statues and cathedrals of St. Petersburg to lure tens of thousands of visitors from different cities and villages. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often addresses the matter in his writings. Even if you repeatedly walked in St. Petersburg, you without fail to see the place, which wants more time to examine. Company 'SLK-Tour' offers the most informative tours of St.

Petersburg – as a coach and VIP. We believe that explore the sights of St. Petersburg most interesting in the company of a licensed tour guide, one who knows the history of the city, tour program, St. Petersburg and its environs may exciting and elaborate on each of the memorable place architectural structure, our distinguished countrymen. All our guides – genuine experts in their field, experts indifferent, well-read, trained, able to convey his love for the St. Petersburg city visitors. Direct communication with most worthy of Petersburg guides – it is an opportunity to find out about past and present of the city a lot of new and unusual. Of course, the bulk of tour plans, fills the most significant visit Petersburg's attractions. We encourage you to visit the Hermitage, Kunstkammer, the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, the Amber Room, do not forget a stroll along the rivers and canals.