International Museum

International Museum International Museum of espionage Espionage (The International Spy Museum) – is one of the most intriguing museums in America. It contains more than 600 exhibits covering all aspects of this legendary career. It is located next to National mole in the heart of Washington, where a stone's throw and the main attractions of the city, and until the FBI headquarters. More information is housed here: Pat Ogden. It still can be called a museum of errors, because it is because of them the names of many agents have known as their "arsenal" joins museum collection. Jacob Elordi takes a slightly different approach. One of the founders and a board member of the museum – our countryman, the former Soviet resident O. Kalugin. He managed to gather quite amazing artifacts not only from the history of American intelligence, but also the history of the Soviet Union, Russia and other countries. The museum occupies the entire 5 buildings, whose history is very trivial.

In one of them from 1941 to 1948 in a room 306 headquarters of the Fourth District Branch of the Communist Party USA, where, according to U.S. counterintelligence, Soviet spies were hiding. "All around – not what it seems." This idea is pursued any visitor to the museum. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue. Here you can see quite unusual exhibits seized from the spies: the lighter-camera, hidden camera, mounted in a wristwatch (West Germany, 1949. The agent could make 6 shots, pretending that verifies that hour), pistol in a case out of lipstick, nicknamed "The Kiss of Death" (USSR, 1965.

firing single-shot device capable of great destructive power), an umbrella with a deadly poison, a coat with buttons, cameras (USSR, 1970. According to museum curators, this device is so well proven, that are still used today), "bugs" in the stumps and flower pots, in ties and high heels, a cigarette packs and the ladies' trinkets. Bugs beginning and the museum itself. Wearing headphones, you can hear the conversations of visitors who are in another room. And on the walls hung pictures unmasked spies from various countries. The very first thing you hear when you enter the museum and get up in the queue for tickets, it's endlessly repeated questions: "Your real name? Who are you working? To whom do you work? "… This record questioning the detainee spy bad helps pass the time. A voice from the speaker warns that spying on you is already underway, but the most important thing you learn – lousy intelligence and counter-intelligence swarm in large cities and capitals and in Washington, almost every second, most likely a spy. You may end up plunge into espionage atmosphere, choosing for himself a legend, a cover and try to remember all the related details – biography, purpose of visit and contacts. At the end of the trip computer will check your history. If you make a few mistakes and forget any details, start trouble. The question arises – to release you from the country or to surrender to special services. Leaving the museum, you can buy something as a souvenir of your visit. In a special museum store what is there not! The costumes and weapons, James Bond, music from the movie about him and the films themselves, suitcases with false bottoms, pens with invisible ink, night vision equipment, encryption (cryptographic) games and puzzles spetskantstovary (folders for papers stamped "Top Secret", the press, which is cut: "Upon reading – burn" or "Do not copy") and much more. It is a museum for the real connoisseurs of art spyware!