Healthy Sleep Patterns

Slept peacefully – if it is that fits this expression in the life of a gynecologist and suddenly the phone rang that blessed phone! who is?-you I replied with anger – had 2 hours sleep, the clock marked the 1-30 am master’m Alvarado was called to tell you that I have four patients into labor and it seems that all are already coming to the expulsive!… Do you say heartless? – told – Alvarado smiled and added but don’t worry here serve them! shut up fool! – reproached you – from where I was separated me about 12 blocks and in car, those hours of the morning a few minutes was already there and as I slept with clothes of birth already was in the same maternity ward and found the box that gave me the williesAlvarado had gathered two stretchers attending at the same time, while another woman threatened with bid on another stretcher and the fourth woman wandering like duck requiring a stretcher where bedtime because I already felt desire to bid, quickly did give birth to one of them, happily without episiotomy, deliver you the newborn to Dr. Hugo-Pediatra-and each one of us attended the other two that already threatened exit! including episiotomy, we rogabamos to Hugo don’t confuse children, families collaborated also with while we suturabamos the fourth woman began to scream that already are leaving you already do Lady? if doctor already can not stand! or a little lady? no longer doctordoctorrr? doctor Miguelitoo, already when they said my name and above with affection I had to correspond to them and it is as well as I left that episiotomy, I opened my lady legs just when the head of the fetus protruded by the Introit Whither youngster? want to birth, have the right to birth!-I seemed to hear him, I helped you, Lady bid and was born Albertito(asi se llamaba su padre) took placenta put a stopper and returned to my previous patient at end of the sutureAlvarado had already finished with the 2nd patient and He came to suture the 4th patient, we move them to their beds when everything ended, and I went to sleep even one little while, they were already the 4.30 a.m., pediatrician was as crazy with so much screaming he stayed, Alvarado also.. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Mark Hyman.