Who among us does not love a tasty meal? Perhaps there are not many! I wonder how the crisis affects our diet? Probably too many stopped often to walk into a restaurant and leave it for a few thousand regular dinner! But mostly food remained the same, because there is no wonder the slogan: "We are what we eat!". But you can still save money on food. Plus, that does not negatively affect our health. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The main thing is to remember the rule: to save on the amount of products, but not as a meal. Let's look at an example of salads. Of course you can prepare salad ingredients and the 15 would probably be delicious. But believe me, a salad of 5-6 ingredients will be no worse and maybe better! Little Who among us is preparing supercomplex meals every day. Therefore wish to avoid cooking the chicken with potatoes or pasta. But since you can surprise and delight your loved ones, beloved and himself, more often, and dress'> a simple salad! Such salads can be prepared not only on weekdays, but on a holiday table or for a romantic dinner! You will spend a minimum of time and money, but give a lot of pleasure to itself and others! Salads varied: meat, cereals and from pasta, exotic romanticheskongo dinner and others, all consist of no more than 6 ingredients! Products most simple that can be found by looking in the refrigerator or buy in any store. The crisis is no longer an obstacle delicious and varied eating every day even! Besides, this is a very tricky and wise decision, for example, for women who will cook tastier than before, while spending less money. And as to spend the rest do not make, I think of labor! So go ahead …

Health Properties Of Onions

Who does not know of such vegetables as onions? It is well-known and as used by all vegetable. People for a long time know this product as a remedy. Even there in our time saying, ‘bow – from seven disease. ” It is grown now in almost every corner of our planet. Onions contain vitamin C, B1, B2.

Especially a lot of nutrients in green onions, in particular in the stem (pen). And, for example, volatile, which includes onions, kill pathogens and putrefactive bacteria. Previously, people shifted onion perishable foods such as meat, and thus preserved for some time, replacing the refrigerator. Still a lot to say about this magical vegetable, but I want to stay on several unique, in their qualities, products. For example, take carrots, which are used in food for four thousand years. It contains a very healing properties, such as carotene. This so-called growth vitamin. Very positive effect on a person’s vision and in keeping the skin healthy.

To carrot is better absorbed in the body, it needs to fill with butter or sour cream, eat a slice of bread with butter. Very useful carrot juice. Carrots contain folic acid, needed for anemia. Folic acid forms red blood cells. Carrots contain potassium, needed for diseases of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys. I would like to say a few more words about one of the biggest flowers – sunflowers. I purposely called him a flower, because in ancient times it was cultivated as an exotic flower, not knowing what it is, in fact, a very valuable food. And in 1835, a certain Daniel Semenovich Bokarev, savvy Russian peasant, managed to push a couple of buckets of excellent sunflower oil. And learn from this beautiful flower to produce beautiful and useful oil. This oil is useful for cardiovascular diseases. Anyone who constantly uses sunflower oil in food, less risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. That’s a beautiful flower has become a valuable food product. And did it 3,000 years ago. These articles and many more useful and interesting things you can read on the site.