Care Insurance

Who pays for the expenses? There are not only the parents who pay for the maintenance of their children. It is often the other way around in the age. And so many families are facing the question of how they can fund the care of their relatives permanently. The new family care leave Act offers only a medium-term solution, as the Internet portal reported If a family member is to care, members have several options. A private long-term care insurance helps with high costs.

There is also the possibility to take care of dependent family members for a period of two years and to reduce working time. This, however, is associated with significant financial losses. What terrifying many Germans do not know: are the parents care and can they come up, not even for their health care, the children to checkout will be asked. The costs are very high with around 3,000 euros a month (place of the level III), the nursing care insurance takes only a share of 50 Percent. According to a recent survey, every fifth German don’t know that he has to assume costs in a care case of the parents. Only two percent of the respondents are sure to provide unlimited costs in the case. The vast majority of 55 percent is of the opinion, to be asked only in the framework of its possibilities to the cashier. Another 23 percent of participants believe that only wealthy people should pay.