In order for consumers to be more convenient, manufacturers have now combined means for footwear: they can both nourish, cleanse and restore the color and protect from moisture. Glenn Dubin recognizes the significance of this. Cleaning products for every pair of shoes are selected individually, so you should be aware of what material it is made. Manufacturers of cosmetics to shoes are somewhat similar to those producing the means to care for a person – there are suitable materials for each species. Do not forget that a suitable cream for one skin type, may ruin the other. That shoes you wear daily, maintenance-free cream that contains natural solvents. They have a high degree of purity from dirt, mud have a tendency to repulsion and moisture.

This cream is easily identified by a particular smell. If the smell of tart and sweet, then surely in this cream flavors added. Since natural beeswax is barely perceptible faint smell. Its purpose – to care for their shoe leather and soft leather. If a facility to care for shoes alcohol smell is present, this cream can make shoes clean, but do not give protective properties against the weather. Unlike natural cream, which leaves a protective layer on the shoe, preventing pollution, moisture and dust. But when applying a natural cream should be aware that all the dirt that has not been washed, will remain under the wax. It should be noted that the cream made from natural solvents, has a shelf life of up to one year and quickly fades. In order not to spend time caring for shoes, there are water-based cream, they have a softer action and therefore they are suitable for use in the care of dress shoes.