Low Weight For Your Health

The fact of losing weight is no longer something aesthetic. In Mexico, unfortunately, we have a high rate of obesity which puts at risk the health and many times the life of Mexicans. Not only adults they are exposed to fatal diseases, children and adolescents are also at risk of disease by excess weight. For more specific information, check out Somatic Experiencing. This is why we invite you to lose weight for your health. There are different ways to lose weight but the surgical operations are the most efficient. There are three types of surgical operations with the most efficient results: 1.-Gastric Bypass: divides the stomach into two parts. Making the minimum part will be that receive food and the largest part runs out of contact with them. This is so that the stomach of signals to the brain’s satiety when the small piece of the stomach has received the limited amount of food.

2. Gastric band: is the application of a band of silicone around the stomach, making the stomach feel full and thus can lose weight effectively with the feeling of satiety. 3. Gastric sleeve: this operation reduces the size of the stomach by 85% through staples. What makes the ingested food three times less to what used to be, thus achieving the effective weight loss in the patient. Now that you know the best ways to lose weight, get in touch with experts and remember that losing weight is no longer a thing of beauty; lose weight for your health. M.Marin employee of Hold’em partners hold.