The Principle

I want to share my experiences with the universe. The energy that led me to create La Guarda de Navarra. Walking along outside the walls of Laguardia, known and recommended by, Paseo El Collado (El Collao for residents there), began to fall afternoon on a hot August day and leaden. The vines were in full color change, hungry for sun and hating an extra supply of water to revive the fungal activity. The wind was warm, soft, but annoying. Tend to gradually increase its power. o your knowledge. The trembling leaves of the banana presaging worst weather. The white roses growing wild where walking Don Victor Tapia, afraid to stay naked and unprotected until the end of summer.

Next to them, halfway between the forgotten picnic pergola beams and stone, shady walk the walls of schools, honeysuckle and ivy clothe shelter cats who seemed detached from the needles of the pines. In Don Felix, embarrassment and forced unhinged any thoughts head down and squint. The fluffy white clouds, impenetrable, were transformed into cluster haloes. Celestial Cauliflower laden water about to overflow. Me a sense of hypotension reduced the vitality. The heat at that moment was palpable, and walking was not slight. Each step seemed to be in a liquid atmosphere. I climbed the stairs of the kiosk, the bust of Samaniego remained helpless under his permeable iron roof.

His sightless eyes, suspicious that someone re-start and deposited in a municipal trash next. Or maybe he was inspired by Aesop or La Fontaine's fables creating anybody get drawn from their solid brain. I looked up, expecting a lightning rod any day erect a glow discharge is transmitted throughout the structure and melt metal. It was created for it and so far his work had been absolutely barren. Leaving fabulist I looked to the landscape, resting on a thick trunk. Tangled up with hands on some bushes that aired a faint scent of cypress. Tragic memories, but also risky playground. Suddenly, he heard an explosion. A blinding flash and make out like sparks, flares, fire drills were left on the lawn. A burning smell invaded the environment, while the silence gave way to a refreshing breeze cool and moist. I returned from temporary unconsciousness and my mind floated an obsession. Live to share with others my great moments, to have only worthwhile friends and drink, exclusively, the best wines. From that moment he was born in Navarre La Guarda, in order to present and disseminate the great wines that I generate good feelings. To drink them and enjoy them with good people, where they exist. And that my friends join me to this wonderful world that is WINE.