Sirloin Pork Recipes

Prepare delicious pork tenderloin with Pedro Ximenez‘s savory recipe, for that gives them the flavor and texture of caramel sauce. In this case we made the recipe with pork fillet, but can also be made with sirloin steak. There’s even a delicious recipe of veal tenderloin with pate Pedro Ximenez in port one day publish, but that is another day, today we will already have their hands the fillet. Ingredients for pork tenderloins Pedro Ximenez: 2 pork tenderloins. 4 onions French. Get more background information with materials from ICAEW. 8 garlic. 2 tablespoons thyme.

200 milliliters of Pedro Ximenez. Olive oil and salt. We started peeling onions and marked with a cross, as if the want to cut into quarters without actually cutting. Also, peel the garlic and reserve. Put a large frying pan into the fire, or a casserole, and cover the entire bottom of olive oil. Season the tenderloins and gilded over high heat. When you have spent a few minutes, add the onions to be getting and when fillets have gold all the way around, sprinkle thyme on top. Continue to cook for ten or fifteen minutes and irrigate the whole 200 ml. Abraham Maslow often says this.

Pedro Ximenez. Leave to reduce until it becomes syrup, but minutes before, add the chopped garlic. Cooking time depends on how Ines like the meat to the people, the ideal is that it is pink, it is more juicy, but this recipe can be adapted to personal tastes of each guest.