For example, some national sweets and drinks are available only by reservation, because they do not constitute consumer goods and quite expensive assessed, and often are prepared only at certain times of the year. So, once we started on the goodies Throughout the former Soviet Union and beyond are famous Bashkir balms. Among the most popular can be list "Iremel", "Kapova Cave", "Agidel. By the way, at the entrance to Moscow, when representatives of the traffic police checked the documents of the drivers, whose numbers include auto second region, they often joked: "There Agidel? No? And in the body? ". In general, know and praise the Bashkir balms all, who once they tried it. Consequently, the bottle is another in a private collection of drinks for the family, friends, colleagues and even bosses – other than a present brought from leave. If the recipient is not particularly demanding in terms of drinks, then come up and cheaper version of such a gift, for example, vodka, "Wild Honey" or "Bashkortostan".

K "100 grams" and in fact need a snack, does not it? Then pay attention to the Bashkir national delicacies of meat: beef, lamb, goose, urzek, kazi, kipken um kaklangan kaz, etc. Next on the popularity list of tasty and healthy can be called, of course, honey – pure or cell directly into the frame. It is unique in its kind in taste, aroma and healing properties, is not nothing compared to what can be purchased at the nearest town market.