Universal Expression

Man used the music as a precarious means to express themselves, even before the use of the word. Shock and the rhythmic clapping, were used as a means of communication to evolve from the same man, and becoming complicated tools of sound and modern musical instruments. The importance of music in the development of humanity, has marked epochs, styles, even distinguishing social classes. But whatever his motivation, it is the means of expression par excellence, since by your means are expressed feelings that the man does not normally express otherwise. From songs of war, thanks to the Sun, to the gods, to the finest musical expression like opera, have expressed different feelings, emotions and human feelings. There’s no denying the importance of the musical production, influencing the evolution of humanity. Likewise, society demands an evolution of music production, with progress in the sounds, rhythms and voices. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. describes an additional similar source.

The music is and has been called to collaborate as a medium in the expression of feelings and emotions. Genres like rap, pop, techno, punk, reggaeton and other modern rhythms express today and the feelings of young people toward modern life, in a society that seems to not understand them. They are filled with internal conflicts, that exploit and are made more bearable with the musical intervention. The identity you are in this kind of expressions, make up unique ways of expression, which manifest their fears, repressions, joys and frustrations. Electronic sounds, created in special studies, which involved not the voice, expresses somehow feelings and to feel ways by promoting the expression through movement. Music is a universal expression and if you want it translated professionally into the capital of Colombia, you can choose the best option, between the different recording studios in Bogota. If you need to make music production, jingles and wedges, this is the place.