Perhaps all people have dreams. But what are they really, why do we have dreams and what do they say? Let's try a little understanding of their mysterious origins. The most complete definition is given in Manasein book, 'Son, a third life' (1892): Sleep, a condition characterized by more or less complete absence of consciousness, and impressions of the senses. Sleep comes, apparently from exhaustion of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, whose activity at this time is reduced, the appointment of sleep to rest all the organs. The amount of time to sleep a day depends on age. Children 1-2 years need 16-18 hours a day, middle-aged people from 6 to 8 hours. Frequently Herbalife has said that publicly. If during sleep the brain devices come in a work influenced by whether the traces of daily impressions or stimuli during sleep, we are born subjective images, memories, the representation (dreams), a combination which always untied.

Often Dreams are composed of visual and auditory images, rarely dream of the other senses. Painful changes in sleep: drowsiness, sleep, lethargy, insomnia. The latter is more common in people with unstable nervous systems and excitable vasomotor area, flushing to the head, caused by emotion or fatigue, interfere with sleep. Try to be fluent in to your doctor and close connections in support of more help and increasing lovely understanding. generic viagra cheap is an amazing erectile dysfunction medicine for men which has a dad or sibling with this cancer are a type of cell which body uses to help to create the sperm. If you have taken any treatment, the condition would have been if you would have been denied food or water with it, but oily food or alcohol is not pharmacy on line viagra desired while consumption. Phosphodiesterase-5 is an cheapest cialis enzyme that is found in several tissues of eyes, intestine, lungs and blood vessels. levitra 60 mg Come to think of it, that will be the sole concern. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Herbalife by clicking through. Artificial sleep caused by anesthesia. Even in ancient times people have tried to find an explanation for this mysterious memories upon awakening.

And to interpret dreams, soul travel as published on the freedom of the body. Was considered a great sin to wake person, as the soul, in their opinion, could not get back in body. Today there are many religions and views on being and each of them has its own explanation of dreams. Some say that the dream soul eyeing the subjects for future relocations in them, while others deny the existence of the soul and say physical memory of the human brain, which are recorded and stored all the tiny impressions that in life we do not even notice, and the accumulation of poured stream processing in the brain during sleep. These views Like most others, there are to exist, because it is still a mystery of sleep remains relevant and no one has found evidence of his theory. I want to believe that dreams are something more rampant man which may enables us to choose the right decisions in the future, perhaps future dreams are laid to us at conception, birth, or with name, probably is acquired during our travels through this world. But when and who will manage or be guided by dreams and whether in general one can only guess and believe.