Who are we

Sons of Moon and Phoenix Conceptual and performance art – in any place under the moonlight We are an alternative art group that expresses through Performance as we are concerned about anything that affects society. We understand that the artistic media are the ideal tools for public awareness play regardless of class, age or gender. Taking into account that the performance is just the most complete artistic expression because it brings together in one space and time various aspects of art ranging from painting to theater, without overlooking the dance, music or poetry.The “Children of the Moon and Phoenix” We’ve structured around a new style in this interesting and expressive multi-genre. The people are our audience, we do not seek or expect that our art is recognized by the public more familiar with the worship or artistic matters, contrary to this we get the masses to those individuals who have a habit, interest or opportunity to approach the art, for these are determined to be the ones who bring you closer to him. The city is our place. We understand that art should not be limited to internal spaces for social and traditionally the if not exists and there should be freedom to witness things like performance or hapening in public places, thus creating greater access to our work. Usually, these online platforms offer the drug at the discounted prices that may go to no prescription tadalafil offer more advantages to the ED sufferers. tadalafil uk cheap However, men with heart diseases are advised to consume this herbal pill for 3 to 4 months. Your doctor when prescribing the best and regimens for you should also give buy cheap levitra you a time line to ensure the treatments are working wonderful and is route to the happiness. If this should occur, you need to take special care of your diet and cut down having too much cute-n-tiny.com cialis 20 mg of oily and fatty foods if you are used to it. The group has performed in public parks, university places, art workshops, cultural centers and art exhibits, among which we mention: The faculty of arts, Pedro Mir Library and Plaza April 24, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo . The Showroom and workshops Pellerano Soucy of the National School of Fine Arts. The Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. Duarte Park, Plaza Colon and Calle Conde and others. by Georgina Marcelino – Daughter of the moon