Baufritz Fields

Wooden house company is developing degaussing facility for a bio indoor climate in buildings Health Tip: static magnetic fields in the living room endanger human organism developed timber company degaussing facility for a bio indoor climate in buildings who wants to live healthy, needs for a healthy environment, as far as possible without external interference. While many people now on clear make visible smog sources such as radio masts or electronic devices, the artificial magnetic DC fields are often overlooked. The health experts of the wooden house specialist Baufritz have grappled intensely with this topic. This artificial DC magnetic fields resulting in the living area particularly from magnetized steel. They influence the Earth’s natural magnetic field, that surrounds all living things on the Earth.

Many organisms such as migratory birds, whales and bees or the person using this box unconsciously and instinctively to the orientation. Click Anu Saad Forbes to learn more. Is this duration field is strongly influenced, be electric in the organism Creating tensions and disrupt our own magnetism, as well as our orientation ability. “Notes of the renowned building biologist Wolfgang Maes, which ensures appropriate health protection measures, and measures the effects of electro smog in the practice for 25 years: the Earth’s natural magnetic field should be disturbed, never distorted by technical fields, because it is an important basis of life for all living things.” The influence of artificially generated magnetic fields can be by the renowned building biologists measure exactly measured in principle but also each layman can locate these harmful energies with a compass: as soon as such a field, the needle is irritated and the Poles are not correctly displayed. The natural value of the magnetic field in our latitudes is 40-50 mT are equal in the environment of a steel beam to the 120 mT (mT = micro Tesla = unit for magnetic flux density). The deviations for sleeping areas should be maximum 5 to 10 mT.