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Bureaucracy is a source of immense: two A4 printing for 4 printed (copy for the employee and the company, the INSS or Mutual and the Inspectorate of Health Services), the 4th day of first confirmation (other 4 forms) that renewed on a weekly, whatever the disease or problem, pending the introduction of the High or spend 12 months and skip to be managed by the INSS. Most companies want their share of IT even for a day, including health management for the Regional Health Service. Is a predictable process for several months as a fracture or something unpredictable like to be warned about for a surgery for a problem that prevents you from working, you should always comply fully with the dates of issuance of the aforesaid sections with consultation time and inconvenience patients and their families. If you search “simplistic formulas” are at risk of being admonished by the Inspectorate.If I attend about 2000 medical cards for over 14 years and have between 30 and 40 people out of work on average, should spend almost a day working week for monitoring, evaluation and issuance of parts of low, high or confirmation. Something very appropriate and very feasible right The vast majority of patients are reasonable with regard to their IT needs, but there are constraints of social and labor, along with “mugs” professionals who produce the sensation of “abuse.” The doctor is very easy to deceive, why should not I believe that a patient tells me he has made 10 stools in the morning, had a fever and is very badly And when the back pain patient, insists that it hurts to pick up loads, despite having done the right treatment What about when a patient complains of intense anxiety because they say they are victims of workplace harassment and gives dread going to work We could put hundreds of examples. Experience purchase viagra no prescription is not necessary nor is swimming compulsory needed. Now you can tadalafil purchase online easily work out why we find pumps to be more affordable than anything else around. However the medicines that are available for loved that buy tadalafil no prescription these disorders in the market can be categorised into many classes. Heart disease, liver problems, kidney failures, diabetes and cancer are all known as a few ordering levitra from canada common conditions that are caused by chronic alcoholism. The latest decision to give us a Christmas bonus for “good governance of IT” was the last straw.Without knowing we were evaluated and the consequences thereof, the bonus only serves to create suspicion among the population and accusations of medical commission. The doctors, all doctors who work for the NHS can give an opinion and a review of the length p of IT by a disease, but management must be different. The English model serves European Reference: absences of less than 7 days the patient warrants. If you lie, they manage the enterprises and workers.