Activities and Workshops ‘You to Hollywood and I Moratilla’ (24 to 27 July)

1. Projections of outdoor cinema On the nights of 24 to 26 films will be shown (two each day) that seek to raise a debate on the mechanisms of construction of fictions used by the film, so serve as examples of how these fictions often end up becoming realities exceed the limits of the screen. The first title will go to all audiences, while the second will invite a more theoretical reflection aimed at an adult audience. 2. Live Concert On the occasion of the opening and closing hours in the Meleros Moratilla, there will be musical performances to celebrate the final encounter between the two sister cities. 3.’A brief history of the theater’ Theater performance for all ages in which also analyzed the mechanisms of representation of fictions through dialogue between stakeholders, media and the audience. And is that the film did not always exist in our lives. 4. Children’s workshop performance Activity through which it aims to bring performance art to children. Children will learn what a performance by means of examples from the arts of mid-twentieth century, even to participate in a partly drawn up by them. 5.Since fixed ‘Medvedkin 2.0’ Is there something you’ve always wanted to say and not you dare Something you want to tell everyone in Hollywood in general or particular Any opinion, message or suggestion This is your chance! Head over to the permanent position Medvedkin 2.0 and talks about what you want with complete freedom. Activity for all ages. Hard or buy cheap levitra firm erection is necessary to make an intercourse satisfactory and happy love-making activity. This scenario, as I have described, happens to more domestic abuse viagra on line couples in divorce court then not. This is the best option canadian cialis no prescription for people who are unable to lead a healthy existence. This buy viagra on line is a discouraging feature, which many men wish they could erase. 6. Since fixed ‘Script to debut’ Contributes to writing of the script of the first film designed in, through and from the Meleros Moratilla. Activity for all ages. 7. Children’s workshop ‘Once upon a time … a lie ‘ Activity in story form in which each child can build his own fictional character from which we all know, rewriting and adapting its role according to their concerns and daily life. 8.Guided tours of the artistic interventions / samples documentary Visits to the various artistic proposals carried the Meleros Moratilla. These will focus on Hollywood, film, his relationship with Moratilla, reality and fiction. The public can discuss openly with the artists, who will present the four day meeting. They will be a conference of more current approach to art in the environment of Meleros Moratilla. Also displays the results of other activities prior to the days of meeting, like the one carried out with the kids at school Cardenal Cisneros Tendilla. 9.Culinary Workshop ‘What is your signature dish ” Home-style culinary exchange between the Meleros Moratilla and Hollywood, including popular taste.