Daniel Schroder

The rugged Fieldbook A1 logic instrument logic instrument, one of the leading suppliers of notebooks and Tablet PCs for extreme environments, announces the successful test of the KWF (Curatorium for forestry and forest technology) with the Fieldbook A1. The Fieldbook A1 – a Tablet PC for all environments to assess the performance and the resistance of the logic instrument Fieldbook A1 the durable 7 inch Tablet PC has been tested by the KWF in action. To the device was doused with water that simulates strong rain with about 1200 l / h / m2, among others a few minutes, drop tests were carried out one meter height on concrete and a wide variety of temperature tests. The result: The Fieldbook A1 has to undergo all the tests without taking damage, about themselves and the KWF confirmed the full fitness for work in the forest and forestry. This result confirms the quality of our products. We perform regularly demanding tests to our products and thus also the trust of our Customers in the products to improve “, said Jacques Gebran, CEO logic instrument.” KWF, a competence center for forest work in harmony with nature the KWF as a Community body listed by the Federal and State ensures an improvement of forestry technology and working conditions in the forest with special reference to efficiency, ergonomics and environmental friendliness as a service provider and provides decision support by examination and testing of forestry for forestry practice. Press contact Daniel Schroder phone: + logic instrument S.A.