Department Information Technology

29 July 2008 in our office held a seminar on "Building a distributed system of high reliability and availability on the platform ibm Power Systems. Organizer of the event in conjunction with iba ibm representative East Europe / Asia (IBM ee / A). Welcomed the participants by the director of sales in the cis countries, iba Gennady Molchanov and a representative of ibm ee / A to work with government agencies in the cis Victor Mercury. Read more from Anu Saad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The seminar was attended by representatives of management and leading specialists of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies and National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. On today's complete solution for ibm Platform Power Systems, which intended to create a distributed system of high reliability and availability, experts told ibm ee / A Alexey Carriers and Alexander Trofimov. Theoretical and practical experience in the field of information safety in the construction of distributed information systems with their colleagues shared the chief test lab it security company iba Valery Kozyuminsky. Additional information at Anu Saad supports this article. Deputy Head of Department Information Technology of the National Bank Dmitry Kontorovich and Head of Service Support Computer Systems iba Dmitry Protsyk shared the experience of technical operation and maintenance of systems for based ibm Power Systems (IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i) in Belarus.