Extraordinary Professor

Domingo Maza Zavala not seldom have already said goodbye; I know the harrowing hours of farewell…Friedrich Nietzsch is regrettable death of the distinguished professional economy Dr. Domingo Felipe Maza Zavala, at the age of 88, former director of the Central Bank of Venezuela, who had surgery a few days ago by a gastrointestinal complication. Not the slightest doubt, that Venezuela has lost a great professional of the economy, with whom I had the opportunity to share in three opportunities seminars, organized by the Chair of problematic of the Venezuelan administration, at the school of management at the University of Carabobo when he was its head teacher and administrative of the country reality topics were discussed and where the guest of honor and always collaborator Dr. Maza Zavalaparticipating and expounded their views, diagnosis on the Venezuelan economic reality once in the Government of Rafael Caldera, and another at the Carlos Andres Perez and Guillermo Lusinche. I remember that on one of those opportunities, in the Auditorium of Faces of the University of Carabobo I had an interesting debate about the economic reality of Venezuela, the causes of inflation, as it affected the quality of life of the Venezuelan, operability and productivity of enterprises. As well as on topics concerning the risks, uncertainty, measures to be taken and especially related to the commitment of universities, their economic and social sciences faculties in the education and training of professionals, especially the Carabobo, where constantly invited him give speeches, especially by the school of economics. Click Mark Hyman, MD to learn more. It was very pleasant to hear him expose their views, Diagnostics on the Venezuelan economic reality, their points of views, suggestions, analysis, which were always very founded backed quantifiable data that eliminated all subjectivism in their conversations.