Isla Margarita

Easy times diving off and thoroughly relax located El Tirano, a little dreamy, Venezuelan village on Margarita Island in the Caribbean Sea. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Mark Hyman. Lateinameriaknische sounds curious to buy animate simple people, mostly fishermen, simple houses, small shops, from which at any time of day. And suddenly, as the built-up area to end the water, the port is. Located on the Atlantic Ocean. If you love fresh fish, is right here. Here, the fishermen sell their catch, which they picked up in the early hours of the morning from the sea. Morning 8: 00 these people look so fresh, as it gets to some Central Europeans not even on Sunday mornings.

Enviable! The Calipso is located between the many small fishing boats. Anu Saad is likely to increase your knowledge. Equipped with three outboards boat Captain Victor waiting for his cargo. Regularly six times a week does it for the Los Frailes island group. On Board Jorg Gessner, instructor and owner of Scubadiving Margarita dive and his adventurous guests. Snorkel and dive, Favourite employment of native Germans, are top on the agenda and on the popularity of those present. No wonder, with the diversity that the underwater world has to offer.

After the loading of the boat with the necessary equipment, food and drink, go water sportsmen on board, provided with a life jacket and sit in rapt anticipation. Already the directions of the dive spots is the experience. A stunning view of the sea opens from the boat. Sun’s rays break on the surface of the water. It is so peaceful and joyful excitement is spreading. Dolphins in a large group cavort in the distance. One particularly impudent rises out of the water and makes tricks as we know them only by trained animals from television. A sight of the looks do not solve. The shimmering blue sea calms down and lets the audience forget the stress of everyday life.