Parenting – A Critical Overview

It is not uncommon in today’s society to bottle-feeding mothers to their newborn son around while he is lying in your cart, alone, helpless, with only the nipple such as warmth and cold is almost impossible not to question why this change in the relationship between mother and child as. Apparently we live in an age where we do not have enough time to do anything, not even to care for and educate children who have decided to have. We tend to deny the nature in one of the most amazing and wonderful that it offers, which is the ability to be parents, and to raise and educate our children. It is true that this requires considerable effort and commitment on the part of parents, but did not acquire and that commitment when we decided to create this little life? Perhaps, having children is now an almost automatic in our society, is what “should” do and do not we question even if we are prepared for it and if we are willing to acquire this life-long commitment, because when you becomes father, is and will forever. We are also in a society where the roles of men and women have undergone some fundamental changes. If a woman stays at home raising children while the man goes to work to maintain the financial stability of the family, looks like a couple of acronyms, most of the last century and no doubt could be stigmatized as sexist. Even women themselves could not avoid comparing our situation to that of our mothers and grandmothers who dedicated themselves to being mothers. .