By means of, that text is obvious and clearly, when is about the ideas that are express by means of it, these is intelligible. So that it has clarity in a text is necessary that the objectives of the production well are defined, thus is possible to establish parameters and to adjust language and context so that the ideas and the objetividade have literal clarity, the literal production consists of the idea of the organization of words that enclose the biggest difficulty faced in the society, that is, in the study of the Portuguese language. However, the problem greater is the expression configuration that involves the written modality is the interlocutor collaborates in the constitution of the speech. Mark Hyman, MD is often quoted as being for or against this. So that a direction is attributed to this text, the author will have to present necessarily a learning specifies through a facilitadora methodology. The literal production still approaches the interaction of the text of differentiated form, that is, the perspective that the text in its literal-discursiva dimension studies, therefore, is significantly well-known that the construction of texts assists excellently in the systematization of the ideas, which is preset by the mind of determined individuals, inserting in the effective social environment. Therefore, what he is implied is that to learn and sequentially to write is, to a large extent, if not mainly, to learn to think, to learn to find ideas and to concatenate them, therefore, as well as are not possible to give what is not had, not if can transmit what the mind created to it or not yet provisionou, of fashion that practical the educative ones must be organized in way to guarantee gradually, that the pupils are capable to understand the direction of the messages, this consequently go to help the individual in question if to arm of uneven form in a constant and obligator systematization of its ideas and those the ones that are repassed it, as product of interaction of the society in question..