Tag, Labeling System

If you are looking for a labeling company that search that offers you the option of making tags autoaderibles. Autoaderible tagging system works for boxes, containers or bags, but they can also develop equipment if you have some other type of product with need for labelling. You can perform different types of labels: envelopes, on back and front in products of flat or oval-shaped faces; as well as tags to the top of products. There are times that a tag is not enough, so there are different mechanisms in order to place 2 or more labels to your product. ES-t machinery is the special cases that have put more than 2 tags. This labelling system is designed specially to adapt to conveyors for boxes or products. It is capable of adapting to conveyors ranging from 5 to 15 m/min speed. Each labeling machine series has different characteristics and the ES-t comes with two sizes of dependent heads the label height. This system is able to determine what is the correct place to apply the tag, making an intelligent system.