So Protect Your Pet

Otherwise as we humans our four-legged friends can usually not actively protect yourself from excessive sunlight. While that dogs and cats can looking for a shady spot, small animals and birds that are instructed that we protect them from too much sun and heat in the cage. Unfortunately you gotta read again and again during the summer months in the newspaper, that especially dogs in midsummer in the car of its owner suffered an agonizing death by heat stroke. More information is housed here: Dr. Mark J Berger. “While it should be only logical and, of course, that you leave his faithful four-legged friend in the summer not at high temperatures in the car, even if it only briefly” is to do the shopping. What many don’t realize is: enough already half an hour, in which the car is on an asphalted parking in the Sun, the Interior of the vehicle to over 50 C heating up! Because dogs can not sweat and can get only cooling by strong panting, their body temperature at high temperatures rises of course very quickly. The normal The dog’s body temperature is approximately between 37.5 C and 39.0 C, starting at 40 C can occur at dog to circulatory problems and a body temperature above 43 C can be life-threatening for the dog.

Tips for cool”pets long walks should in the early hours of the morning and the evening will be moved and dispensed with the dog as jog or bicycle ride on sporting activities. Small animals such as hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs should be accommodated in the House in a shady place, where the draught animals are well protected, because just like a dog, rodents can not sweat. The cage by Parrot, Budgerigar & co should be quietly outdoors, however should this stand in the shadows, note also the history of the Sun! All animals should be at all times accessible fresh water available. The temperatures climb strongly upwards, wet wipes, one uses about the cage by rodents or birds, can provide cooling. Fresh, hydrous fruit should be fed only in the evening on hot days, because it might cause colic. Most birds take a bath likes to provide cooling for you, can spray with a spray fine mist of water in the cage, but so that the bird itself can decide whether he wants to be wet or not. What to do when a heat stroke? Once did it with your pet to a heat stroke, remain calm and handle the four-legged in a damp towel and try to give the animal some water. Moisten the paws, or rabbits that moisten the ears, advance light cooling can get. As with heat stroke, the cycle of the animal is very weak, a veterinarian should be sought on as quickly as possible, in order to stabilize the circuit. Health information, as well as the Advisor see.