Balaton – The Hungarian Sea

Both the Balaton, and the attractions of its picturesque surroundings attract large number of tourists from all over Europe. The oldest settlement on the shores of Lake Balaton and cultural center – the city of Keszthely, where up to now then the ruins of the Roman city Valkum that existed here during the II-IV centuries. But of course, the main attraction Keszthely – Castle ducal kind Festetics. In the ensemble of the castle today – the museum "Helicon", which recreates the image of life of the Hungarian nobility XVIII-XIX centuries. Graphs Festetics gone down in history as a patron, actively supported the arts and sciences.

Interior Castle demonstrates many works of art, as well as samples of the Hungarian arms, some of which 1000 years are stored here a hundred thousand volumes, unique library, which is the first printed book. With the support of Festetics in Keszthely appeared hospital, pharmacy, school, and in 1797 Gyorgy Feshte Teach founded in the city's first Europe's higher agricultural school – Georgievich-GICON, whose history is represented in the Museum Georgikon. So even after sildenafil from india ejaculation, the erection is going to stay. It canadian viagra store takes hardly 30 minutes to make the user able to achieve quality erections during orgasm activity. Once taken, the medicine cialis free consultation reaches the reproductive organ and thus stops the PDE-5 from coming in the not so distant future. It is considered to be a speedy bulk generic viagra recovery method. Keszthely is located and the Museum of Lake Balaton, which shows the history of the lake over the past 7000 years, its flora and fauna, monuments to his shores. Where the Museum of Lake Balaton, is appropriate and the determination of the Museum of Wine and cooperage business, or – House of Wine "Hungarikum. In the largest village of the southern shore of Lake Balaton – Siofok, founded by the Romans in the I. bc. er. in 1882 birthplace of the famous Hungarian composer Imre Kalman, operetta tunes which are known throughout the world.