Maintenance Use

Operation and maintenance closet. The life of your wardrobe depends on how correctly and carefully you look after him. Proper use of the enclosure increases its service life and directly affects the ease of its use. Furniture made of chipboard (laminated chipboard), in contrast to the patent and in-kind furniture, it is not capricious in nursing. The top layer of laminate and PVC edge effectively protect the basic slab from external influences.

But despite all of the above, the minimum required withdrawal of any furniture. Let's try to figure out how and what to look better, not only for laminated panels cabinets, but also for his machinery and accessories. Perhaps we should start from the very beginning, ie since the installation of the cabinet. When installing the built-in wardrobe, installers often need something extra rasp or drill holes. To this we must be prepared in advance (and not only morally!) To remove all carpets and sidewalks, and the floor lay a cardboard, oilcloth, or a newspaper. This will prevent not only hit by wood dust and shavings on the floor, but also protect flooring from scratches. It is advisable to cover pre-existing furniture (especially with regard to the sofas and armchairs), ideally it is better to use oil cloth, but in extreme cases will approach, and the old do not need to cover. After installation of a finished, you can do directly cupboard: you must first collect all the dust vacuum cleaner with soft nozzle from the shelves, roof and side cabinet, then carefully vacuum the guides – at dust in the mechanism can be broken ride door.