Michel Nostradamus

Shakti and is dedicated to the 17 th day of the lunar calendar – day female energies, which advocates the union of individuals on the basis of love, freedom and equality into a single personality, able later to become a soul angel. As the goddess Shakti, after his transformation and become constantly speak soul of Eve. Ever since Eve – the goddess Shakti – and is all over the World love the Queen of Heaven (Mary), as is now the joint product of the archangel Michael Shower and Queen of Heaven (God). That is why an updated Soul Eve in the embodiment of man and woman disguise will eventually rule the whole world, and will help her in the Archangel Michael, and herself the Queen of Heaven (Lady). Can not write about the winners in his quatrains, and Michel Nostradamus which is designated in one of three quatrains immediately Viktorov, while hiding that one of them – not Victor and Victoria: The kingdom will be given to two, but they last very long. After three years and seven months, they start a war. %D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov.

Two vestal against the rise, Jr. Additional information at Anuradha Saad supports this article. Victor in the Armenian land. (TS.4, k.95) from this quatrain is quite easy to understand that the kingdom will be first given to the two Viktors, but much older relative to younger Victor. Displayed in the quatrains and then when they start a war Victors: The number 4 shows on a month should keep reading (4 – April), and adding 4, 95 (99 or 1999) and 3 years – you can get, writes in his book, Dmitry Winter, "the ill-fated 2002 the year.

Emergency Powers

The First World War of 1914-1918. Empire was proclaimed Kaiser Wilhelm II in accordance with Art. Alexa Demie recognizes the significance of this. 11 of the Constitution the German Empire in 1871 the Bundesrat (Federal Council) only had to give his subsequent consent. Kaiser, starting at assistance of the Bundesrat World War I, pursued, among others, and self-serving aims to strengthen its influence in Russia was declared gosudarstve.Voyna Germany August 1, 1914, and two days later, the corresponding memorandum was sent, and France. Reichstag approved the Law on Emergency Powers of the Government of August 4, 1914, adopted at the beginning of the war, in fact, introduced the country's military dictatorship and civil government authorities have the power to control raw materials and fuel, distribution and implementation of government military contracts. The situation worsened adopted on 5 December of the law on the redistribution of agricultural production in favor of the army and the subsequent reform of the scope of management of agriculture. In total, over a short period of follow-up was issued 825 emergency orders in the imperial war economy, currency and financial law, civil law, labor and social rights in the proceedings, which formed a vast bureaucratic legal system. Then in the constitutional and legal practice in Germany for the first time originated precedent appointment as Chancellor of the Federal political party representative, possessing the greatest weight and authority in the Reichstag. This has contributed to overall growth of political and legal power and authority Reichstag as the lower house of parliament, the Reichstag, and gradually became one of the key legislative organ of the German Empire.