Fishing For Carp: Entertainment Or Headache ?

Undoubtedly, the carp – a fascinating hobby for every man, especially if the man in the soul – the true fisherman. There is even a separate type of fishing, dedicated solely to catching carp – karpfishing. Day and night, experienced and novice anglers karpolovy scour the Internet and other sources of information in the search for materials about the successful hunt for this cautious fish. They do not sleep at night, trying to come up with an exact outline of how right to catch carp. Forgetting everything, they are torn by carp shopping, looking after and purchasing the most professional equipment: special powerful carp rods, electronic alarms biting fish finders and many more stuff. Standing at the counters of fishing shops, poor anglers excruciatingly long time to make, what gear for carp they still buy? Get this Monofilament fishing line or the braided line? Buy special carp weights or do do it myself with lead? And here's another dilemma literally universal values: to what bait to catch carp? And how many hours away from the true lovers of carp fishing in the preparation bait and tips! Any chef would envy that inspiration with which fans of carp bait ground in a coffee grinder, mix powder mixed with flavoring, and then delightfully laid out cooked refreshments for the tea bags. And it's not to mention the problem of finding places where to catch carp! Do not argue, carp does require special knowledge.

We agree with the fact that modern equipment is always easier habitation avid anglers. And even agreed that the present carp into account many important factors which have great influence on the fishing: it's understanding of the river, and the choice of bait and fishing strategy. But such metushney sometimes lost karpfishinga basic principle: pleasure from the process of catching carp! Let us recall that in fact you can hunt for carp and the smallest amount of equipment, that catch the big fish can sometimes even "Green" beginner, and really does not know how to catch carp. A veteran fisherman (with a bunch of different gear and a mass of knowledge about all the tricks carp as bait, and in the maggots) can spend the whole day on the shore "fishing" the river and end up with nothing! Carp and carp – fish tricky, but do not outsmart yourself now!