Raynaud Disease

They may feel a prickly numbness in the toes and sometimes a pain with throb and redness when they begin to relax or to heat up while blood returns to the extremities. Symptoms of Raynaud occur in the limbs and may include the following areas * white or bluish * numbness in the toes of the foot or limb * loss of sensory sensation * soft swelling * redness with sensations of throb and/or hum once blood flow returns to normal what causes Raynaud’s disease? Although its causes are not fully understood, Raynaud seems to be caused by an over-reaction of the blood vessels in the limbs to temperature and stress. In normal physiology, when a person is exposed to the cold, the blood vessels in the extremities are narrow and delaying the supply of blood to the fingers and toes. In the case of an individual with Raynuad these blood vessels narrow dramatically, causing worrying symptoms. There are two types of Raynaud’s can be converted as a complication of an underlying disorder (secondary Raynaud) or it can happen independently in the absence of any other condition of underlying health (primary Raynaud). Primary Raynaud this disease is the most common form of the disorder and typically tends to affect the digits of both hands and both feet. Researchers are now exploring the possibility that there may be a genetic link to the development of primary Raynaud’s disease.

Certain other factors may also increase the individual irrigation develop primary Raynaud. More usually affects women as well as people who live in cold places and those who suffer from chronic tension. These foods come with their cialis professional cheap own digestive enzymes to help break down foods. The doctors are trained and cialis online overnight certified by FRACP and also they obtain special training in endocrinology and internal medicine. According to studies, using shockwave therapy for ED help in revascularization i.e. helping blood vessel grow. find to find out more levitra viagra cialis This constant raindogscine.com shop viagra suspicious behavior can trigger a lot of doubts in your mind. Secondary in less common cases Raynaud Disease, Raynaud is caused by another underlying problem. Although secondary Raynaud is less common, it is often more serious additional care and primary Raynaud should be taken. Conditions that can cause Raynaud secondary include: * Scleroderma, a condition that causes the hardening of connective tissue * Lupus * rheumatoid arthritis * Carpal tunnel syndrome * other diseases affecting the arteries including atherosclerosis * smoking * the use of beta blockers * certain medications against colds and the flu can also predispose an individual to Raynaud. Help for Raynaud treatment of Raynaud’s disease often includes treatment of the underlying condition (in secondary Raynaud) and treatment to reduce the frequency of attacks and prevent harm tissue. There are a number of methods of treatment including conventional medical methods, biological feedback and herbal and homeopathic remedies. Natural remedies for Raynaud’s disease since Raynaud’s disease is related to poor circulation, more successful treatment methods are those who provide aid to circulation problems long-term. Herbal remedies and homeopathic specific to the condition and! that contain ingredients such as Rosemary, ginger, and Ginkgo biloba can do this in a natural way! Used regularly, they work to effectively restore the function of the circulatory system, improves the blood flow to the extremities while it helps to prevent damage to the tissues. These herbal ingredients also deal with underlying triggers of Raynaud reducing levels of inflammation and tension while working to guard against cold fingers.