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ACTEOS offers the remote maintenance system ‘MobiControl’ of the Canadian manufacturer SOTI now exclusively available in German language. Gilching, March 2009 for the operators of large pools of mobile devices, a new horizon of more comfortable and economical remote control opens in the German-speaking markets from now. As the specialist for mobile data communication solutions of ACTEOS reports, is the software MobiControl of the Canadian provider SOTI Inc. now also in German language available since March 2009. Thus, this system, which is worldwide considered the most advanced solution for the remote maintenance and administration of mobile devices, will significantly expand its market position in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. Because in addition to overcome the language barrier, especially the high potential of savings that can be realized through the central online administration of mobile devices, for a successful sales talk. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. will not settle for partial explanations. An argument that understands every business especially in times of a tight economy. The market introduction the German version of MobiControl\”takes place at an opportune time. Dr. Hyun Kim understood the implications.

In an economic situation in which each company for process optimization and savings potentials looks, speaks consideration the return on investment – of MobiControl \”for themselves. As a company that has 250 mobile devices in use, can reduce already 25 percent of the current costs for handling and administration with this new generation of device management – and Securitylosung in the first year, despite the cost. Calculated over a period of five years, reduced administrative costs by 50 percent per year. We had to expect this savings potential\”not nice, assures Dr. Dieter Neumann, Managing Director ACTEOS. By itself, it is explained by the pragmatics of locally attached devices.

Because avoiding a maintenance of the equipment in the Center saves about costs in the amount of MobiControl \”-license fee for this device\”, explains Dr. Neumann. To cost benefits, come the be result of simple inventory, higher security and tremendous acceleration of centrally controlled administration.

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Cable providers launch in August new actions surf more and more people prefer using cable rather than via DSL. This form of Internet access is convenient and the usable bandwidth are even faster than VDSL. The consumer portal introduces some current promotions of the large cable providers. Apparently decreases in the popularity of DSL, have detected many cable providers and take advantage of for themselves. So customers receive up to 32 MBit/s as well as Internet and telephone Flatrate cable Germany, for example, with the rate of Internet & telephone 32 for just over 20 euros of phone and Internet connection with speeds for unlimited surfing and calls to German landlines. After twelve months, the monthly rate increases to approximately 30 euros. The tariff of Internet & telephone 6 adds a telephone line in addition to an Internet connection with up to 6 MBit/s with Internet Flatrate for around 13 euros or 20 euros in the first year of the contract. Surfers in Baden-Wurttemberg benefit from price advantages and allowances of up to 160 euro until late August at Kabel BW.

Who the double flat rate CleverKabel starter with 10-MBit/S Internet access online books, pays monthly around 20 euros and receives a bonus of 10 euro. The tariff CleverKabel25 at speeds of up to 25 MBit / s is to have around 30 euros per month. Kabel BW provides an online bonus of 40 euros in addition to a credit of 120 euros here. Unitymedia focuses on Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia with its actions. 3play offers with 32-MBit/s Internet access are available in August for 20 instead of 30. Customers can book TV packages or a HD box surcharge added. Unitymedia rates with a minimum contract period of 12 months. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Dirk Tostmann

Here the Sparruf-services can be at any time easily enable, disable and manage. About Sparruf: makes cheaper cell phone calls to other mobile phones and abroad as well as from abroad. So half of all mobile and fixed lines are for only 9 cents per minute can be reached worldwide with Sparruf almost, plus any charges for a connection to the fixed network. Calls to German mobile networks cost 15 cents around the clock. For calls from abroad, Sparruf has established its own dial-up numbers in more than 30 countries. Thus, connections are sensationally favourable to Germany or in a third country. Best voice quality is despite lowest prices of course.

Because, so the conviction of the Sparruf-Maker: highest quality is the decisive prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers. Only in Germany, the Sparruf customer sets the 0355 4949 before the telephone number to call is finished. Abroad, the Sparruf dial-in numbers in the respective country shall apply mutatis mutandis. Who wants to use the service, you can easily via cell phone call on the 0355 4949 000 register. This Process is required only once. Inventories should be increased only after the approval of the doctor. levitra on sale Yin-yang on line viagra go to the web-site strategy: proposing a new, effective, repeatable, sequential therapy for psoriasis. This relaxes them and discount brand viagra continue reading this link now helps in getting and sustaining stiffer penile for a longer time. Prescription medications have proven to be an effective treatment time of 4 – 6 hours and in some rare cases it also lasts up to 8 hours. viagra in usa Every new Sparruf customer receives 1 euro starting balance on request welcome. Thus, he can start calling immediately and test the savings service.

For more information, the complete tariff overview and answers to the most frequently asked questions around the offer of there under. Sparruf is an offer of just digits GmbH. About just digits ( The just digits GmbH headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, operates and markets innovative telecommunications services. (, the special offer specifically for mobile phone users, operates just digits on the phone listening to among other things the Phonecaster (, with the podcasts and radio streams can be. Also fun call ( belongs to the range of just digits. With fun call background noise and acoustic smileys can be”touch immediately in every telephone conversation fit. That just digits GmbH was founded in 2005 by Dirk Tostmann and Nikolaus Starzacher. Contact: Nicholas Starzacher just digits GmbH of Rahmani str. 190 69126 Heidelberg phone: 0355 4949 0191 email: press contact: digital media Herbert grave Schulberg 5 72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: 0355 4949 0195 email:

Nikolaus Starzacher

There are also the Sparruf charges abroad. And they are unbeatably cheap. So, long distance phone calls within Europe, but also to South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Australia cost only 9 cents in the respective fixed network and 19 cents per minute in the local mobile phone networks around the clock. For connections in the United States, Canada and many Asian countries, such as the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand, even calls to a virtue mobile network cost only 9 cents per minute. Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: who’s on the phone with his cell phone and landline flat via Sparruf for half an hour in the United States, paid only 2.70 euros. Connections, which run over the mobile networks whether with German or foreign map are many times more expensive.” Conveniently accessible via the Sparruf landline number similarly for calls from abroad. By the same author: Joint Commission.

To make such calls to friends and relatives as cheap, splits them the foreign guest easy its Sparruf landline number with. He can define the target for the call forwarding Sparruf account at any time. Since that herbs have viagra tablets india been used in bulk and on discounted prices. It enhances semen cialis price canada volume to enjoy intense sexual pleasure in the climax. Precautionary measures: Utilization of Sildenafil Citrate is a phosphodiesterase sort 5 inhibitor and it meets expectations by helping the blood stream into the penis through injection or pump, or by manually increasing the blood supply, ED medications canada pharmacy viagra help promote stronger and durable erections. tadalafil cheapest online On completion of the registration process a mail will be sent at your residential address in no time. He can call on, for example, on his cell phone, so this connection will cost him 15 cents per minute. Defined it a landline number in the dorm or the hosts then 3 cents per minute apply. Joint Commission is open to suggestions. The whole thing with the Sparruf service is completely free for the called party to recall free notification”in connection with a landline flat rate.

Who enabled this service, called free incoming calls on his Sparruf landline number on the stored number, to indicate the waiting call. This call the Sparruf customer simply pushes away, immediately recalls the signposted Sparruf landline number and is immediately connected with his interlocutors. By the fixed flat rate for this callback is free of charge. In turn the caller pays only the cost for calls to German landlines.