Wedding Planning

If today you have decided that you are wanted to marry because already you have found your average orange, it is very important to know which are the tasks that we will have to undertake to plan our wedding correctly. To organize a wedding can be a task for titanes. The preparations are many that bring prepared their planning. Reason why it would be good for counting on a year ahead to be able to ensure the success to us. If we began the count down, estoas is the tasks to realise: 1 year before: We will determine the date of the wedding. We will decide if we married according to the church or or the court. We will select some places for the banquet once we know what type of banquet we are going to have. Somatic Experiencing may find this interesting as well.

Approximated estimation of the number of guests. 6 months before: To choose the fianc2ee dress and the complements. To order the invitations of wedding once we already know the guests who vendrsn approximately. To be compiling information on the destiny of the honeymoon in different travel agencies. 3 months before: To have to point all the legal proceedings and necessary red tape for the marriage.

To order the alliances. To realise a test of fianc2ee dress. 2 months before: To send the wedding invitations. To contract the photographer. To have all that with seen and decided music. To choose the suit of the fianc2e. To choose the floral decoration and adjustments. To close the honeymoon. To leave to sight the menu of the wedding. 1 month before: Test of the hairdo and the maquillaje of the fianc2ee. To order the details of wedding. To pick up the alliances. To rent the car for the wedding. To have all preparation for the trip of fianc2es (proceedings, vaccines, passports, ). 1 week before: To confirm the number of guests. To gather the dress and suit of the fianc2es. Goodbye of unmarried. 1 day before: To make a review of the decoration in the church. The day of the wedding: To pick up the branch of fianc2ee and logically to comb themselves, to make up and all the putting to full stop. To deep breathe because already the day has arrived that you had dreamed and everything is going to come out well.