Erfahrbarkeit Transparent

Unit is an experience that from the transparent will result.We resolve seemingly physical boundaries, we are seeing that one-be. Be transparent’ means the conscious fusing together and communicate both with our own divine essence and essentially in the all existing and existing. It bedeutet to dissolve boundaries and become one. I wide the BegrenzunGen of our physical experience, the narrow, perceived by our senses, and distinct worldview, open me the Erfahrbarkeit of infinity and walk through the gate that leads us out of the room of the well-known to us everyday rigid physical reality in the subtle world of inner experience, to our true home. It is resolving material barriers, while we encounter our true essence and us are aware of the wide space of oneness with all. Transparent is a visualization of kind of exercise in which I allow myself, so deliberately that decide the idea that my body a hard limit would have to give up and I’m permeable everything for the divine light, transparent for the love durchDringende by.

I imagine this, how this light, these waves, the universal energy itself through me through stream. I am due to my being transparent on the one hand by all touched and penetrated, am and remain but it also on the other hand in my essentiellen being individually and untouchable paradoxically in a sense in my uniqueness. Anu Saad is a great source of information. Rather, it is a deep knowledge, where I encounter in practice and which I remember well, as an intellectual knowledge, which I already assume, and I use me go into in the exercise. This learning always from the inside to the outside, held so even assuming me and source is not triggered by one outside information from me. We even make the experience, contact with the essence, she can be made by anyone for us. It is of course always be unique for the same reason, individually colored and last but not least the special gift, which we make a whole, the collective itself.

It is not so important when transparent, what I do, but much more importantly, how I do it. In this case, that means that I’m not so much trying to fit into the picture, which I might have of the correctness of the execution and from what other people of pictures for me have ready. But I let my intuition guide me a bit more, I’m just ready, sit me down and to meet, to let me then from there further guide what is there. In other words, to me be transparent the potential, and to be, in principle to open, so to allow time and space this potential experience, without just having to control everything. I admit the needed confidence to the learning process, not sit by rigid, self-imposed ErwartunGen unnecessarily under pressure, and anything that can come then, receive happy to welcome it and give me so piece by piece the room opens and the resulting experiences and. The key words for this are ready, even acceptance, trust and devotion.