One knows that there is asthmatic that induces their crises by the simple fact of anxiety of to have forgotten the inhaler in house. Its effect on the allergic reaction is complex, but it has been able to be observed even in the cutaneous tests that they are realised to detect the allergies. In relaxation state, the test cutaneous is much more negative that when we are put under stress. On the other hand, certain neurotransmisoras substances of the vegetative nervous system exist, like the histamina or the adrenalin, that plays a very important role in the development of the allergic symptoms, as well as in the processes of nervousness. They say that to eat and to rascar, everything is to begin, for that reason it pricks more to us when we put ourselves nervous. In fact, the anguish with which we received the allergic process is, sometimes, the cause that helps to maintain it and to magnify it.

The primaveral allergy denominates generically fever of the hay and mainly affects to the respiratory tract and the hazardous mucous the air. The hay is any dry plant, generally of the family of the pulses, who serves as I graze or forage; that is to say, one is not about a plant in himself, but many different species. The problem is that the pulses occupy 20% of the vegetal surface of planet, reason why its limitation is impossible. The turf or the cereals, besides the majority of grass, is pulses. The connection between antigen and antibody can bring about damages in weaves, especially in the skin, the mucous, the lungs and the gastrointestinal tract; that is to say, there where there is major mucous surface, although they are, indeed, the mucous the route of capital elimination in all the allergic processes. The most frequent allergies between the majority of the population are rinitis, the eruptions of the skin, the conjuntivitis and the asthma. Serious the allergic reactions are rarer, although they can lead to the death of the individual.