Property succinic acid increase the activity of cellular respiration, increase the body's resistance and to protect it from toxicosis, such as alcohol intoxication, overdose of vitamin D, pregnancy, etc., to some extent and can reduce the harm caused by tobacco smoking. Features of succinic acid to improve cell respiration, and intensifying the metabolism of glucose provide the body with energy needed to perform physical work, of course, attracted the attention of athletes. Succinic acid from glucose, helps the body to the athlete during training faster and easier to adapt to increasing physical exercise, to remove pain in the muscles peretruzhennyh. In a question-answer forum Joint Commission was the first to reply. Pre-event athletes succinic acid helps to mobilize their forces to prevent a nervous breakdown. After the competition there is no exhaustion and depression, and withdrawal succinic acid does not reduce the potential for an athlete. As a universal means of activating the body's vital functions, and provides support for his energy, succinic acid can not not have positive effects on reproductive function. Visit Dr. Mark Hyman for more clarity on the issue. The use of future parents supplementation with succinic acid not only provides them with good health and a joyful sense of life, but also lays foundation for a healthy childhood of their offspring. During pregnancy, succinic acid facilitates the hormonal changes of the mother, helps to meet the increased needs of the organism in the stocks of energy, supports activity of immune system, prevent toxicosis reduces the likelihood of various complications. Fruit, while growing in optimal conditions, with a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, and fortified the placenta to the fetus prevents the penetration of various toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Collecting Drying Plants

Vegetable materials and drugs can be obtained from both the cultivated, and with wild plants. A significant part of the plant species of medicinal raw materials in many countries are now receiving from cultured plants. Except for the ethereal-oil crops, the main source of raw materials for pharmaceutical and medicinal plants are the natural resources of these plants. However, their natural deposits continuously reduced or depleted, in that it is necessary to focus efforts on obtaining raw material from cultivated plants. It is known that introduced the culture of plants have several advantages – high yield, higher content of biologically active substances, mechanized harvesting, and more. Official site: Jon Medved. Collect or above-ground parts of plants or its individual organs and process them in drug and raw materials.

Since the separation in the plant and in corresponding to his body begin to happen significant biochemical changes. With the proper direction of these changes can be required of the collected material. In some cases, changes occur under the action of enzymes, especially during drying. Drug store for them is also important and time of the year during collection and drying conditions. Collection is carried out in daylight and solar time and at the right time of year, by hand or mechanized. When assembled by hand, grass, leaves and flowers are placed in a specially adapted for this vessel (baskets, bags, boxes, etc.), taking care not to crush them and do not compress, and then quickly transfer them to a place for drying. If transport is difficult, then collected plant parts they spread in enclosed spaces with a thin layer on the shelf, floor, etc.


There are many types of fungi – mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms … in any area of the country the mushrooms – Mushrooms of the Far East, Siberia, mushrooms, fungi, mushrooms Maritime … often associated in our minds to something, tayaschim danger. And in vain. What is surprising is the appearance of a human fungus from under the ground or on tree bark, or on mossy tree stump.

What is the reason for this ambiguous relations of men to the mushrooms? Many consider them the divine creation, but there are those who say that their gift devil. Among scientists for a long time conventional wisdom that the fungi must be regarded as plants, and nothing else. But as their study revealed that they have no chlorophyll, so necessary plants, but they possess features that are inherent in living organisms. Moreover, the metabolism of fungi associated with the formation of urea, but they do not have the ability of plants to synthesize organic compounds from inorganic substances. Almost all of the presently known to science mushroom spores multiply, ie, Sexual mode of reproduction. So what is a mushroom? Unfortunately, scientists can not definitely answer this question.

Mushrooms – a distinctive drugstore nature. The beast in some cases, it is intuitively resorted to fungal drugs. Eating toadstools elk, deer and wild boars, allowing them to recover from cancer. Although descriptions of mushrooms are telling us that for people who fly agaric – mushroom inedible, as you see someone he liked and taste. For squirrels and hedgehogs harvesting of mushrooms for the winter – it's food and supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Our ancestors were closer to nature than we are, and also treated with the mushrooms. For example, morels served them to restore vision, with tinder treated tuberculosis. And on alcohol infused dried Veselka common was their cure for stomach ulcers and gastritis, as well as from various kinds of tumors. Many worms were treated with chanterelles and Ryzhikov, but did not forget about this excellent antibacterial agent, which is the mushroom boletus mushroom or white. List the medications the ability of fungi can be very long. Do you know what 'green kistevika' is considered to be the ancestor of penicillin. If necessary, you will be able without difficulty to find the desired photo and description of the fungus and in books and on the Internet. In addition to the medicinal effects, there is another advantage – the mushrooms are very tasty. For this reason, all new recipes with mushrooms appear like mushrooms in the woods (sorry for tautology).

Tighten Face Energy Lift

Energy lifting – not a new invention: with the help of rejuvenation procedures performed yet old Mexican healers. In principle, this is the usual biomassazh, which is available to everyone. Do not think that Mexican and other healers psychics had (and have) some special mystic power. Strength as a recognized psychics honest, all the same, the only question is his ability to manage it. Before the procedure must rub the palm of your hand hands on one another. Many people think that this way of hands activated the flow of energy. Of course, but much more important: the right and left hands have different charges (or ‘plus’ and ‘minus’), and if the ‘work’ of one energy, we can at best achieve a result, at worst – to bring self-harm.

Rubbing the palms is desirable to repeat every 5-6 minutes. Taut forehead left hand to put on his forehead. Make a motion with his hand on 07/06 circle, then move your hand over the crown to the nape. Repeat this movement 10-12 times. Smooth eyebrows for a few seconds to actively scrub pad of each thumb opposite the middle of the palm of your hands. Then quickly put pads on your eyes and do some light (no stretching) motions by eyebrow in different directions. 7.10 crease in the morning and evening for two weeks, significantly reduce the brow crease, and then make it generally inconspicuous.

Elastic cheeks At this stage the energy need especially a lot. Therefore, again rubbing his palms together, then put them on the cheek and a vigorous movement in the direction of conduct nose to the chin (down) and immediately – in the direction of the temples. ‘Lifting the cheeks’ should be performed 7-8 times – morning and evening. Noticeable effect on the energy lift usually occurs fairly quickly, even if the person is ‘running’. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contains valuable tech resources. If not leave after the first procedure to improve and make it permanent, fully regain really young oval face.

Arnica Preparation

Rhizomes and roots contain essential oil, resin, wax, arnitsin, organic acids – isobutyric, formic and angelikovu. Preparations from mountain arnica (for DA Axelrod, GK Nikonov and A. Turov) have tonic and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and large doses of a sedative effect, preventing the development of seizures. In addition, preparations from the flowers enhance uterine contractions. Alcohol extract – an effective hemostatic agent for postpartum hemorrhage. Arnica is offered as a hemostatic agent in subinvolyutsii uterus (large fetus, twins, poor uterine contractions, inflammatory gynecological diseases in the past), bleeding, associated with endocrine disorders, for diseases of the sexual sphere (inflammation of the ovaries, inflammation of the uterus after an abortion). Preparations from the roots of mountain arnica accelerate heartbeat and increase the amplitude of the heart activities, enhance coronary blood vessels, improve the nutrition of the heart muscle, lower blood cholesterol levels, due to the presence of arnitsi tsinarinu. These properties of arnica roots can use them when arteriosclerosis, myocarditis, cardiac vasospasm.

The infusion of fresh flowers of arnica on alcohol administered as an internal 40 drops 3 times daily before meals. Water extract of arnica (10 g per 200 g of water) is prescribed as an internal one With a tablespoon twice a day. Decoction of the roots (10 g per 200 g of water), take one tablespoon 2 times a day .. In folk medicine, herbal teas and tinctures are used for sprains, bruises, wounds, insomnia and other diseases. Collection. Arnica flower baskets are collected in the period of full bloom, around June – July, cutting off at the base to balance the peduncle less than 1 cm Color immediately dried without access to sunlight.

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