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HUB Hi, through an assistant professor of Univerdidad Speaking of Seville, a Granada catedr rico unidentified has sent me this contribution on speech grenadine. M egustar a you could make a summary of it. This link is a work on speech characteristics of Granada. Speech Granada grenadine Speech meets one of the variants of the Andalusian dialect, and has as its main feature is the pronounced lisp or sounds to that of Spanish allocated to the z and c, followed by-e,-i . This feature occurs mainly in the old and the old quarters of the city and, therefore, between Granada and Granada rather advanced age, although, the current population tends, overall, the distinction between ces and Cetas in a very high percentage and clearly superior to other cities seseantes the rest of Andalusia.The lisp Granada, with its characteristic that dental (Seville), has now reached just under half of its population, so their tendency, especially among young people, walking rather quickly toward widespread distinction. Speech Granada has different manifestations in the southern Spanish feature refers to the fall of consonants in syllable-final position or word, so that when it comes to-s in such a position this fall over, as in most of western Andalusia, in aspiration (children, Ninohe loh), but when word-final s is followed by another word beginning with a vowel (the rings, the soul), it happens that, while in western Andalusia tends to the replacement of that (losanilloh, lasalmah) in Granada is generally maintained a slight suction (lohanilloh, lahalmah).Although situations vary widely among speakers of Granada, when the preceding consonants p, t, k (voiceless), instead of keeping the aspiration that is duplicated in the pronunciation of consonant preceded in each case ( foam eppuma great, ettupendo listen ekkuchar). This issue sildenafil in usa found when male organ do not get hard. The ability to enjoy a healthy and satisfactory intimate relationship can be a big problem for all these men and generic viagra in india they are in a relationship, you know that relationships are not solely based on love and care. As generic tadalafil no prescription it s over intake may result with health complications. For thousands of years, lowest cost of viagra herbs have been used to prepare the capsules are matchless. Contrary to what so often happens in western Andalusia, Granada’s speech l and r in final position fail to disappear, if they decide to greater or lesser degree of relaxation in relation to pronunciation Castilian, but is widespread aspirated pronunciation of j (g before e, i) Castilian (Japanese haponeh people Hente).Although it is not characterizing features of the speeches of Andalusia, among the most salient phonetic characteristics of speech are yeismo grenadine or pronunciation and the consonants are written as y, ll (no distinction between the pronunciation of chicken and bench) and the loss of intervocalic-d-especially in nouns ending in-ado (soldier, SOLDAO). As for grammatical variations of the speech of Granada, it appears you use the pronoun combined with the verb in second person (you eat) despite its high frequency in much of western Andalusia, but the response to the widespread use grammar rule matching you with the verb in second person and of you in the third person (you eat, you eat).It also does not appear in the vocabulary Granada important distinctions about the Castilian or so-called lexical lexical Andalusianism or words whose use is more limited in Andalusia, so that some words that until recently were quite frequent in use Granada, such as balate zafa or hardly known by young people currently not even at university level. However, unlike what happens in much of western Andalusia, remains very frequent use of diminutives ending in-ic rather than in-ito (girl bonica, sopica well heated), along with the use of some rooms as malafoll , meaning a nasty, soulless Malasombra and, hence, that these ways of speaking their own inhabitants, Granada is said that is the land of chavica and malafoll . – The preceding comment is by Feliciano (talk contr. Bloq.) Who forgot to sign it. HUB (Talk) 13:24 26 Jun 2009 (UTC)