The True Goal Of The "Millennium Science "

Although one of the “Millennium Goals” provides for intervention in the environment in order to rescue and protect him, a thousand years is too long to prepare, intervene and achieve results that we beneficent everyone. From 2010 until 2020 the world’s population and, especially governorship world should aim at effective and sustainable progress to rescue and protect the environment, has already been said: “The protection of nature depends on politics, market exploitation “, this premise should be understood as: The protection of nature is doubtful whether the required operating consumerism, on the other side should be understood that the only difference between a socialist or communist and a capitalist is likely that the first operation is done with a conservation consciousness in those too consumed.

In any case, human beings of any of these systems, what we need from nature, this condition is not allows us to differentiate ourselves, therefore, the responsibility is all over the world, now: Do we need a millennium to rescue and protect the environment? obviously have been made, are made and will make exfoliates to achieve that goal, but what a millennium? while the capitalist and socialist markets require. Anu Saad will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It seems much of a millennium, for any of the established goals, and more, to intervene in the wild for rescue and protection, laws of nature bring to life the human being only serve to regulate their relations, there are plenty of laws regulate the exploitation of nature goods (raw material), but it is something like a regulation to protect the stock from the store, and yes! There are some papers to protect the environment and Taxes, fines and cups to regulate their exploitation, but there are no common law countries stating or regulate the exploitation of the environment, his rescue and in spite of NGOs governmental and private initiatives, all seems very scattered. .