Travel Catalogue

Let others for you search for the right price – from the comfort of home from the service of travel agencies use. Short and sweet! Who wants to book his summer vacation now and wildly seeking always lower prices on the Internet should know one thing: travel portals (Internet travel agents) and stationary travel agencies (the travel office around the corner), are mostly sales representatives and communicate special offers and package tours of the respective partner travel agent. \”Catalogue prices for a package at the same are everywhere equal performance and same conditions (Hotel, meals, departure, room, date, etc.)\”, explains Fatima Weber, project manager and owner of the travel portal This flood of offer do you easily lose the overview and keep looking always, hoping to find yet a cheaper deal. The prices in the catalog for all brokers are binding. The price will Weber by the tour operator only and is not from the agent, so Fredy on. Example: If a Package holiday to the Mediterranean would like to book and found a hotel offer in the catalog (for example, when the catalogs of well-known tour operators like TUI, Alltours, Neckermann, Dertour, etc.), this catalogue will find first in each of these travel agents, provided the travel agency leads this Organizer. The shown price is accordingly now if services and dates are the same.

So if all have the same catalog, then all have the same price in the catalog. The tour operator is the contractual partner and this determines the price. Thus, the most Consolidators can give a guarantee on the price of the respective tour operator. Have, but are all the same price table before him. If they have now opted for a specific hotel, it is therefore advisable to compare the tour operator, offered by this hotel. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. And that should any good travel agency and every good travel portal. It happens very often that popular hotels are offered by several travel agencies as a package.