With pride, President Uribe dismissed the Deaf Olympics

La Selecci n Colombia of the deaf, to be represented at the 21st of Sordol mpicos Games in Taipei, had a special meeting Wednesday at Palacio de Nari o. There, President lvaro Uribe gave the flag, wished them luck to athletes and handed the national flag to the swimmer Michelle Medina, chosen for the honor. “We Colombians are very proud of this show of honor of the delegation of athletes. Thank you.How nice that 17 Colombians in athletics, swimming and other sport that is cycling, will represent the country at this fair sordol mpica in Taipei, “said the President. “We are honored to Colombians. We’re very confident. You are well prepared. And especially with that required in humans, of all times: determination, strong decision. We are giving a great example. Sildenafil citrate is one of cialis price no prescription the major ingredients, used in the Kamagra. Lifelong (Primary) Premature Ejaculation- It starts early on, usually during when you cipla viagra are teenager and experience your sexual intercourse first time. Hence it is incredibly popular treatment program that helps people in recovering from a great variety of disorders right from depressions to tadalafil cipla panic disorder and bulimia. In the Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, his mother remarks “Why generic in uk viagra can’t your room resemble a teenager’s with knickers on the floor. And I think Colombia understands this shows that sport as a universal activity that required all Colombians. And for the sport there is no limitation. That the contrary, those who manage to overcome some limitation and successful sports become a great example for humanity “he added. The swimmer Michelle Medina, who on behalf of athletes and coaches received the flag with which the delegation will parade at the opening ceremony said, “is a true honor to receive the flag of our country.We have prepared the best way to leave the name out loud in Taipei Colombia. We thank the Lord President lvaro Uribe, to Coldeportes and Colombian Paralympic Committee to support us in this goal we have set. ” At the end of the ceremony the president of Colombia chatted pleasantly with athletes who do not cease to express its admiration. The president took photos with athletes and coaches and wished good luck and success to the delegation on Thursday en route to Taipei. The delegation of 17 athletes, 11 athletes, four swimmers and two cyclists. The opening is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 at the National Stadium in Taipei, Taiwan.