Access to evidence or proof

Access to pre-evaluated the evidence January 2, 2010 – rafabravo ( Translation of pre-appraised evidence Acccessing: fine-tuning the 5S model into a model 6S.ACP Journal Club 2009: 151 (3) :2-3 or Evid Based Nurs 2009 12:99-101 Access to the evidence pre-assessment: setting one 5S model 6S Alba DiCenso, RN, PhD, Liz Bayley, MLS, R Brian Haynes, MD, PhD. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada The application of evidence or high quality evidence for clinical decision making requires knowing how to access these tests. In the past, this meant knowing “how” of literature search and application of critical appraisal skills in order to separate the higher-quality trials of those with less.During the last decade have created many practical resources that provide access to high quality research. We call these resources “pre-evaluated” (pre-appraised in the original) because they involve a prefiltering process. The goal of this filter is to include only those studies that are of higher quality. Furthermore, also feature regularly updated so that the evidence to which access is always current. To facilitate the use of many of the pre-evaluated resources, Haynes proposed a model of “4S”, then he has refined a model of “5S” 1.