Bootstrap, a reality

Bootstrap a reality Dock Sud was the scene of the first edition of the Bootstrap of the PUAL. On Saturday May 23, we more precisely Villa flammable to begin with projects engineering programs, Library Science, Music Therapy and Health. During the morning we toured the neighborhood with Blanca and Guadalupe Parish St. Catherine of Siena. Once on the road, the neighbors, they were curious about our presence. With some concern about the new visitors, young and old who was asking us what we would do in the neighborhood and what was our purpose, and also began to hear stories of their lives, but that part of another note published below . A few blocks until we find the dining room “Huey” that served as a chat room for the health project. Child nutrition, disease prevention and health were among the topics of the talks that were given to more than 20 people who came to witness them. another of the activities of Project Health, was visiting from house to house families in the neighborhood to control pressure and provide free first aid kits. In another area of Villa Flammable, more precisely in the school N 67, developed the other three projects. Librarianship had the arduous task of sorting donated books and rearrange the volumes that were already in place. Meanwhile, Engineering, was responsible for putting eight new shelves in the school library. With modem techniques online pharmacies viagra for treatment, change can even be as a result stress and depression. The medical reasons for erectile dysfunction are diabetes, circulatory, neurological cialis professional price and urological situation. By taking time to touch, smile at each other, or even laugh or cry together, they simply look purchase viagra on line forward to so expectantly. Another study showed that men, who have sex three to four times a week, have 50% lesser death rate than to those who have it once a month. low price viagra Once fitted the shelves accommodate books and engineering projects are ready to rebuild four computers in use. Therapy, for its part, within three days of activities, was in charge of recreation for the children of the neighborhood. The turnout was large and conducted arcade, elaboration of musical instruments and on May 25, enjoy a rich chocolate. One of the most unusual we experienced was the creation of an orchard, action promoted by the residents and supported by all those within the Project Bootstrap. In the garden dining Huey, a group composed of young and the owners of the diner, Huerta began the project. After defining the perimeter to cultivate and remove earth, carrot seeds were planted, lettuce, parsley and onion. Upon completion of this process, the father Alejandro (PUAL) and Father Matias (PUM) blessed the garden and gave it the name of Maria Auxiliadora, protector of Agriculture. At this early stage we realize many projects, but still needs to be done. That’s why we need your help to keep adding Bootstrap, to keep believing that … A different reality is possible. Help us build it!